“Bringers of the light”

Eta carina brings us the cosmic kundalini

It carries our seven centers of vital earth energy

It is our rainbow bridge of energy

It affects ours mental, emotional, celestial and physical planes of existence

During the earth energy evolution to Eta Carina sustains life as we know it today

For more of 3 million of year’s eta carina influences on human evolution directly

Eta Carina readjusts the seven major chakras, and vortexes of planet earth.

The major seven rays of human and earth evolution comes primary from eta carina light.

Eta carina is a healing master teacher of massive light, healing grids.

Things to know about:

From Eta Carina is coming the adjustment of DNA.

The Genetic Strand is being changed by laser light being emitted by Eta Carina.


Carina means The Keel of a Ship.

Carina was named for the keel of the ship Argo in the Greek Myth.


It is the Keel of the Ship Eta Carina and it is sending energy

to the earth that can impact DNA healing.


The Keel of the ship spoke and gave instructions for healing

in the ancient myth.

The word Eta is the 7th letter of the Greek alphabet.

It is a Greek word.


Understanding eta carina helps us to learn about the processes that formed chemical elements like those which are found on earth and are necessary for life.


Eta carina is the proof that elements necessary for life on earth

including DNA, is coming from celestial bodies and  DNA is coming from Eta Carina.


So there are celestial bodies up there and they are loaded with

the things that make life possible here on earth, including DNA.


The angles of light from Eta Carina are the opening gates in the

brain of the wise who are now touching DNA.


Enlightenment and power which comes from the

chakras are opened by the cosmic light.


Eta Carina is a type of laser coming from

Ultraviolet light.


Some of the empowerments