Lambda empowerment©

Wonderful energy!

The constant of the energy of the universe

You can access to the full spectrum of electromagnetic light and the infra and supra sounds

It takes 8 minutes to receive these energies.

This is the time that the cosmic rays touch the earth

And you spans 70 km/s constantly about your energy field to the rest of your life.

The albedo energy is related to the energy that you emit after receiving lambda energy and it is influence by the earth energy field

This energy grows and purifies your karma, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; it is good for healing the earth planet also.

Useful to

 Release the past memories added with anxiety

To paralyze enemies

Generate inner light

Repair tissues

Develop psychic abilities like clairaudience


Uses like reiki



Spiritual Course Composition Level 1-4 by Mariah teach while attending to needs of each student, composing pure/effective courses and more

Level 1 Learn how to teach techniques on a series of educational topics while

simultaneously attending to the individual needs of each participant.

There’s instruction in the practices that will ease the anchoring of energies to

here, while composing pure and effective courses.

Level 2 contains guidance about teaching the spiritual courses you’ve

channeled in person to students. Group and 1 on 1 class advice.

Level 3 teaches you how to compose a “call in at your convenience” session

for a client or student that addresses their individual needs or concerns.

Level 4 confers upon you the ability to pass this energy system on to others.

You will receive the manual, distant attunements, and certificate.


Arch Angel Raziel's Sacred Geometry empowerment

is an invaluable attunement for spiritual healers and people practicing Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui.

Arch Angel Raziel's Sacred Geometry empowers Adepts using Mandala and Sacred Geometry Workshops or therapists, artists working with sacred shapes to bring about deep healing and improve the living environment in their homes or other people's homes.

Arch Angel Raziel's Sacred Geometry shapes have long been used to raise energy vibrations in sacred places and thereby bring about spiritual, mental and physical health in the people who are living in these places.

Geometric shapes mirror specific energy vibration patterns reflecting the universal language and carrying a specific message. The vibrations within sacred symbols reflect different vibrational levels of the universe and thereby connect and attune the object or person the symbol has been drawn on to a different vibrational level, which corresponds to the energy patterns of the symbol.

Arch Angel Raziel's Sacred Geometry energies are often associated with the vibrations of numbers because they have a specific numerical pattern behind them. All ancient civilizations used specific sacred symbols to invocate the Gods to give thempower, protection, food etc. and many of today's remnants of sacred places bear the meaning and vibration of the symbol that they have imprinted on them.

For instance it is said that the area around the pyramids in Giza has a higher vibrational resonance than other parts of the country located far away from the pyramids.

The highest vibrational energy is said to be found in the Himalayas where you will find many Buddhist and Hindu symbols carved on stone and many natural arrangements of plants and stones that represent symbols as sacred geometrical forms.

Some of the most famous symbols include the OM symbol and the Wheel of Life, the Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube and many more.


Activate Any Symbol!



Thus any symbol from any workshop or any symbol you have a picture of will permanently relinquish its energies to you at completion of this workshop.




Master Teacher Level



New Earth Teachers Course 1-9- NET Course Attunements

New Attunement New Earth Teachers 1-9

Fully Accredited Course by INHA

It is my experience and understanding that this New Earth Teacher (NET) training and the accompanying Initiations are the most profound series of teachings and Knowledge available to anyone on Earth at this time, and anyone who is feeling in their heart that big and major changes are happening and want to know what's going on - well, you need not look any further than this incredible information. We all want to be ready and prepared for living on the New Earth and in the not so distant future at that. This material and the Initiations included, will explain much about what is going on and sincerely---this is the only information on Earth right now (that I am aware of) that can.


I gratefully and lovingly invite anyone who feels a stirring in their hearts and souls at reading about the New Earth to begin with me, or any other NET facilitator for your highest and greatest, always in all ways~~


The New Earth Teachers is a fantastic way to help Mother Earth make the shift to the New Earth that is currently waiting for its future residents.

In order for the old Earth to move onto a higher dimension with us, she needs help. Angels, Light Beings and loving extraterrestrials help in this process, but they can't nor are they allowed to do too much because this is not their planet and world. Therefore they have contacted some people on Earth and given them the NET course material.

The plan has been to make this material affordable and easy to spread too many people quickly in order to help make the transformational process easier for Mother Earth and the entire solar system.

The knowledge received in the NET classes is intended to be spread around the planet. Once you take a class, you may also teach it by holding classes or by sending it out via the internet. Anyone can take or teach the NET classes, regardless of background or beliefs. By providing this material to others, you can earn back the cost of these courses very quickly.

The classes are intended to help people all over the world to have a deeper understanding of Mother Earth and the changes that will come with the New Earth. They contain information about the course of events that are unfolding with the Universal transformation that is currently under way.


The classes include:


· Initiations

· meditations with the New Earth

· preparations & steps for the changes to come

· ceremonies for Mother Earth

· instructions for opening portals

· Extraterrestrial symbols for transforming energies, etc.

· Instructions for using gemstones to raise your consciousness and to help Mother Earth raise her frequency.

The NET classes are meant to strengthen, help and inform people, but most of all to help Mother Earth make her transformation.

Once you've received these attunements, you can pass attunements on to others.


The details for each level are as follows...

New Earth Teachers Level 1

? How to Open Small Portals

? How to Make Small Portals on Oceans, Lakes, on Water

? How to Connect with Mother Earth's Soul and Spirit

? Two Levels of Meditations about The New Earth

? How to Take the First Step in Cleaning and Fixing Present Earth

? How to Build a Crystalline Device For Cleaning Water

? How to Help Karma and Release Karma From the Earth

? Understanding The New Chakras

? How to Use Life Elixirs

? How to do The Golden Movement Part One

? Receiving an Initiation to Become a NET Teacher

? How to Initiate Others so that They also will Become NET Teachers

New Earth Teachers Level 2

? How to make Star points and build Star point systems

? How to prepare others for the enormous changes coming

? Exercise to reach deeper within and find Self

? Exercise for those eager to help

? How to build a Chakra Ladder

? Stones to balance the new chakras

? How to help our fellow beings

? Using thought power to work with ribbons/bonds to Mother Earth

? Meditation for the New Sun

? Another Journey to the New Earth meditation

? Golden Movement for the NEW EARTH

? Initiation for Further Openings

New Earth Teachers Level 3

? How to open small portals at a distance

? How to temporarily change the frequency in big objects.

? How to temporarily change the frequency in small objects

? Changing frequency at a distance

? How to undo the frequency

? Meditations in power places on the New Earth

? Healing with Symbols

? About changing the appearance

? To raise your own frequency

? To prepare for contact

? Initiation for Further Openings

New Earth Teachers Level 4

? About Time- what time really is and how it can be used.

? The process of the two planets meeting.

? Spiritual development

? Interdimensional Ascendance

? How to make stronger portals

? The New Energies of New Earth

? About clouds

? A symbol that helps to change the vibration in food and drinks

? Symbols for personal development towards universal insight

? Life on old Earth

? How to raise the frequency of objects at a distance.

? Life and death on New Earth

? The last battle in the Universe - good and evil

New Earth Teachers Level 5

? Soul Changes

? Animal's Response

? Meditations to the New Earth

? The Total of the Death Kingdom's New Halls

? When the Old and the New Earth Meet

? The New Light

? The New Chakras

? To open your friends & animals a little more

? Pockets of Time

? The enlightenment stones of the Soul & the Spirit

? Words to intone, tone, chant

? White Time Healing

New Earth Teachers Level 6

? About Catastrophes

? The Ocean

? Symbol for cleansing liquid

? The little is so eternally important to the Great Whole Paradox

? The Human Group Consciousness

? The Death Kingdom-working with its outer layer

? Three meditations

? Personal development and Spiritual evolution & the New Earth

? The Enlightened Masters

? The Third Drop

? A way you can help the Third Drop

? The Stone Morganite

? Protection Symbol

? New ways for your meditations on the New Earth

? The latest news

? An initiation

? The sun & all the stars have a great meaning

New Earth Teachers Level 7

? Suggestion for pre-help

? Bigger brain capacity

? The patterns to open the flow in the brain

? Pure thoughts can create

? To meditate with Stones

? Deeper mediations on the New Earth

? To understand yourself

? To integrate more new chakras in the body

? This is how you learn to pre-create with the pure thought

? Six-point systems

? Big initiation

New Earth Teachers Level 8

? The Dimension Light

? Greater brain capacity with the protection of the New Inner Light

? Brain capacity patterns 1-5

? Symbols to open to open you up

? The New Light's symbol part 1-4

? Light meditations from Beyond

? The symbol for the Alliance of the New Inner Light

? The Initiation

? Extra symbol for yourself

? Initiation meditation on the New Earth

? Words of Force & movement of energy

? About the New Earth meditations

? Active energy, in your New Earth meditations

? Energy procedure for active energy in meditations

New Earth Teachers Level 9

? Map of the New Earth

? That which has happened and is happening

? How do we actually feel?

? To give and receive cosmic forgiveness

? New Earth meditations

? The six weeks before, the pockets are emptied

? What kind of body does one choose?

? The 3 days of ascension & the 6 weeks after

? The conflicts between good and evil

? The Third Drop

? The Drop Meditation

? So what was the war really about?

? A maybe is the answer

? The changes of the chakras

? The completion of the chakras

? The chakra cord's inner and outer

? Meditations on the New energies in the Chakras for cord's wholeness

? The chakra cord's meditation

? What is happening to the soul and spirit right now?

? The aura's final stage & completion

? The chakra's completion

? About the stones of the new chakras and their layout

? Thought patterns for the chakra cord's Inner Light

? The Truth is in the Beyond

? The Presence in the heart

? The awareness of our solar system


Course includes:


9 distant attunements


extensive course manuals 273 pages