Healing Your Finances with energy


Many healing practitioners have a love-hate relationship with money. It’s like they know they need it to buy food and pay the bills, but on a deeper level, they also believe that it’s not spiritual and “good” to have a lot of money. Maybe scraping by is okay for a spiritual person, but having a financially comfortable life is already too much. Often energy healers feel guilty for charging money for their services, because they are working with divine energy, and shouldn’t that be free to everyone? Of course, divine energy is free, but when a healer spends one or two hours of her or his time to channel that energy and enable someone else to heal him or herself, then that is time they can’t spend working at another job, earning a regular income. They don’t get paid for the energy, they get paid for their time, skills, education and experience, which make the healing possible.

If you don’t get paid for your services, you will have to take on another job to make ends meet and then you can spend less time doing healing work. And you can’t help others on an empty stomach or while you have no home because you couldn’t pay the rent. So, money is a tool that we receive in exchange for our services. When we love ourselves enough, we realize we deserve to get paid well, we know we deserve to have money to pay for all our needs, because what we do has a lot of value. Also, we need to consider that helping others to heal themselves saves them a lot of money because they can go back to work and they may not need to buy medication or pay for other medical expenses. Healing with energy has an immeasurable value and we need to be open and receptive to accept money in exchange for it.

Healing your Fears and Limiting Beliefs about Money

When we let abundance come into our energy fields and lives, we experience health and well-being, joy, fun, great relationships and are overflowing with positive energy.

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