ARCHANGEL MARIEL ATTUNEMENT by Ramon Martinez Lopez - Let go of Negativity, Meaning in past experiences, forgiveness, mercy, love, let go of pain





Ramon states in the manual:


Archangel Mariel has been making himself known to me in dreams


and told me an awakening name to contact and heal with him.


So I tuned in and there he was, waiting tolerantly for me to get it.


I asked him if he would like to come through to us, and share about


himself and what he does. His response was very interesting. He


said, I work with many Lightworkers at the level of the 11th


chakra, or


at their Soul Star.


I am an Archangel to call upon when you begin to desire to let go of


negativity and to seek the Light of your Divine Being. I will help you


to find meaning in your past experiences. I will help you to find


forgiveness, mercy and love in your heart so that you can let go of


your pain and move on.


Release old patterns and behaviour, strength your nerve


system. Softy and tender, strong and focus. A new soul has been


awakening, connecting your soul-higher mind and will into motion in


your physical world.


Lift those old energies and give them to us, the Angels and




In the energies of the expanding world, please allow yourself the


healing that releasing painful recalls will bring to you. Call upon me,


please. And call upon your personal guides and guardian angels,


God and Divine Creator to assist you all along the way!


I AM eternally with you,


Archangel Mariel “