Tantricdragon empowerments™

An ultimate spiritual-sexual workshop not found any elsewhere in the planet.

For serious practitioners only.


This light expands beyond your physical limits in rainbow color infusing your aura with tantric properties of healing.


Om evan tantra eka

"eka" means one, oneness, the Sanskrit word "tantra" means "weft, loom, warp, context, continuum". In Tibetan, "tantra" is known as "ju" ("rgyud"), meaning "thread, string", or "that which joins things together". Etymologically, the Sanskrit word "tantra" breaks down into the verbal roots tran, or "propagate, elaborate on, expand on" and tra, or "save, protect".


Vidyadhara literally ‘awareness holder’.

Rigpa, expansion of consciousness into the light


Ra hoor khuit

Here you collect the essence of life in your bindu chakra asn upper levels of consciousness


Ra, identifying him with Horus, this name shows the two as manifestations of the singular Solar Force. "Khuit" refers to a form of the fiery serpent on the crown of Ra and "Great Flame", kundalini. It opens the kundalini to your third eye to know the truth beyond duality. This the tantricdragon awakening


The tantric dragon realigns the Tanta with the drops that represent the two vital (seminal, original, essential) elements of the body, namely "semen" (the white drops, "amrita") and "blood" (the red drops, "rakta"). The connection between semen (received from the father) and longevity connects the feminine white drops with the long-life vase (of method and the Moon), whereas the purity of the blood (received from the mother) and the power of the brain allows one to identify the masculine red drops with the skull-cup (of wisdom and the Sun).



In Kundalinî Tantra, the white drops are situated in Bindu (literally "falling of the drop"), the red drops in the Root Wheel ("mûlâdhâra"), a far more consistent attribution.

"The bindu is of two types, white and red. The white is sperm and the red is menses.



tantra rubedo diamond

tantra albedo diamond

Rubedo transforms the energy of red flame into love cooper pink light, enlightens your heart

Albedo transforms the row black prana or nigredo energy into luminous white light over your head and aura expanded consciousness.


tantric dragon intercourse, body, mind and soul practice EMPOWERMENTS FOR


Awakening of physical mental and spiritual drops

Semen, blood, female fluids, heart fluids, cosmic fluids

Set your attention in your crown and navel area

Here you connect to bliss cosmic level and etheric planes of existence.




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