It is about attempting to fulfil your Soul’s ordained purpose by converting your new Lightbody that you were always meant to be and which your higher etheric body (i.e. Higher Self) has carefully taken for you.

It is a very individual energy and, while you are mastering it. Mastering it will hence require you to be well earthed and stable while you are changing.

The energy works in:

Blessing your recrystallize etheric Lightbody

Deepening into the Mineral Kingdom and Crystal systems

Using your words as crystal manifestation

Using the crystal system as a healing tool

The crystal system related to your etheric body, meridians, axiatonal lines, chakras.

Crystal earth matrix and electromagnetic field

Understanding Sacred Geometry for the Diamond Crystallization

Changing past and future outcome patterns by activating the crystal matrix

The electromagnetic matrix which is compound of thoughts, feelings and believes that can have lower or higher vibrations.

Crystallizing light and love

Matter and spirit in unison with cosmic rhythm and no time elapse.

This ray includes of all the systems and patterns of dimensional existence throughout the time and space of the Cosmos.

This ray is the Light that shows you precisely what you are, that is, embodied, crystalline Light, as well as what your Soul’s Purpose is to emanate that Light from each of the millions of recrystallized particles that make up each of your millions of recrystallized atoms, and so on, throughout all the dimensions of the Cosmos.

It is about committing to the recrystallization of your lower etheric pattern.