not found any else where in the planet

The Iboga experience is completely unique in the realm of psychedelics, almost to the point where it should be a part of a different category. The intense stimulant effect of the Ibogaine alkaloid is largely responsible for the separation. Whereas most psychedelics either heighten normal senses or make them seem to disappear altogether, during the Iboga experience you are acutely aware of the physical discomfort of the body. Rapid heart rate, persistent nausea, intense dizziness, buzzing in the ears, and the stern voice of the Truth--This lasts for 24 hours strong. There were some people who didn’t sleep for 3 days after taking Iboga. Ethereally all of this it doesn´t happens.




The Iboga Bwiti shamans speak of going deeper, not farther. They believe that their medicine accesses the infinite nature of the soul inside of us, and that soul’s infinite knowledge that extends all the way to the beginning of time. In my entire 72-hour encounter with Truth, there was never the feeling that I was accessing anything outside of myself. It is simply that the self I was accessing was virtually omniscient and had our best interest at heart!


More uses:




When you have an addiction problem, eating disorder, or self-limiting mental issue.




When do you prefer to know the answers to your questions.




When do you want to make peace/communicate with ancestors.




When is your mind the root of your physical illness or your body.




some of the empowerments:




To the shamans of iboga and guided too.



about ibogas empowerments by Jerome:
Very intense, it was fantastic! My squeleton was in ultra white platinum flashing light. Feeling of bliss; Pinéal gland strong activation along with heart chakra. Visions of shamans helping and healing me. My legs extended and became very long, strong grounding. I was full of énergie and very peaceful at the same time my aura was like a stroboscope with flashing light very bright!


Iboga empowerments level 2