Kyron Essences by Melanie Shivanie Pfetzinger

Quote from the Founder, Melanie Shivanie Pfetzinger

In September 2005 Melanie Shivanie Pfetzinger who has been standing in connection with Kryon since  May 2005, channeled from him three essences and a few days later another four essences.

These essences and this energy form are suitable only for people who have removed the old energy. No basic experience in working with any other energy system is required to receivethese energies. The Kryonessences are independent form of energy.

This particular form of energy is intended for people who are stepping into the 5th dimension. This new energy will integrate in your light body,adapting to your current state of being and as this is right for you.

Since the Kryon energy is a very strong energy it adapts to your vibrations and  gradually rise them, align you , and thus increase your light body.

The Kryon essences have nothing to do with Reiki or other healing energy systems.

The essences are passed in two levels, with a space of 2 weeks.

You will receive the manual and attunements by chi ball call in method.

Lineage and Certificate available upon request.