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The Three Pure Ones (Chinese: 三清; pinyin: sanqing) also translated as the Three Pure Pellucid Ones, the Three immaculate Ones, the Three Divine Teachers, the Three Clarities, or the Three Purities are the daoist Trinity, the three highest Gods in the daoist pantheon. They are regarded as pure manifestation of the dao and the origin of all sentient beings. From the daoist classic dao Te Ching, it was held that "The dao produced One; One produced Two; Two produced Three; Three produced All things." It is generally agreed that: dao produced One - Wuji produced Taiji; One produced Two - Taiji produced Yin and Yang.

In dao produces One - Wuji produces Taiji, it represents the Great dao, embodied by Hùndùn Wújí Yuánshi Tianwáng (混沌無極元始天王, "Heavenly King of the Chaotic Never-ending Primordial Beginning") at a time of pre-Creation when the Universe was still unsound and the cosmos was in disorder; manifesting into the first of the daoist Trinity, Yuánshi Tianzun. Yuánshi Tianzun oversees the earliest phase of Creation of the Universe, and is henceforth known as Dàobao (道寶)

"Treasure of the dao". In One produces Two - Taiji produces Yin Yang, Yuanshi Tianzun manifests into Lingbao Tianzun who separated the Yang from the Yin, the clear from the dark, and classified the elements into their rightful groups. Therefore, he is also known as jingbao (經寶) "Treasure of the Law/Scripture". While jing in popular understanding means "scriptures", in this context it also mean "passing through" [the phase of Creation] and the Laws of Nature of how things are meant to be.

In the final phase of Creation, Daode Tianzun is manifested from Língbao Tianzun to bring civilization and preach the Law to all living beings. Therefore, He is also known as Shibao (師寶) "Treasure of the Master".

Each of the Three Pure Ones represents both a deity and a heaven. Yuanshi tianzun rules the first heaven, Yu-Qing, which is found in the Jade Mountain. The entrance to this heaven is named the Golden Door. "He is the source of all truth, as the sun is the source of all light". Lingbao Tianzun rules over the heaven of Shang-Qing. Daode Tianzun rules over the heaven of Tai-Qing. The Three Pure Ones are often depicted as throned elders.

Schools of daoist thought developed around each of these deities. daoist Alchemy was a large part of these schools, as each of the Three Pure Ones represented one of the three essential fields of the body: jing, qi and shen. The congregation of all three Pure Ones resulted in the return to dao.

The first Pure One is universal or heavenly chi. The second Pure One is human plane chi, and the third Pure One is earth chi. Heavenly chi includes the chi or energy of all the planets, stars and constellations as well as the energy of God (the force of creation and universal love). Human plane chi is the energy that exists on the surface of our planet and sustains human life, and the earth force includes all of the forces inside the planet as well as the five elemental forces.

As the Three Pure Ones are manifestation of Primordial Celestial Energy, they are formless. But to illustrate their role in Creation, they are often portrayed as elderly deities robed in the three basic colours from which all colours originated: Red, Blue and Yellow (or Green) depending on personal interpretation of colour origins by additive or subtractive means. Each of them holds onto a divine object associated with their task. Yuánshi Tianzun is usually depicted holding the Pearl of Creation, signifying his role in creating the Universe from void and chaos. The Ruyi held by Lingbao Tianzun represents authority: the second phase of Creation where the Yang was separated from the Yin and the Law of Things was ordered in place. Lingbao Tianzun then took his seat on the left of Yuanshi Tianzun. Later, when all was complete, Daode Tianzun took his place on the right, with the fan symbolizing the completion of Creation, and the act of fanning representing the spreading of dao to all Mankind.

Lao-jun empowerment

The name of Lao-zi (author of the Dao-de jing and contemporary of Confucius, 6th century BCE) in his deified form. Together with Yuan-shi tian-zong he is one of the highest deities of religious daoism.

The deification began in the 2nd century BCE when he already was a legendary figure, reported to have lived to an unusually high age. He became one of the most important deities during the Late Han Dynasty. Some followers of the dao considered him to be an emaciation of the primordial chaos. Other followers have gone as far as to question his divinity altogether.

You will also receive very special Empowerments to open the diamond Flower and energetic centers!

Your male and female energy is balanced and your

Light bodies are fully activated.

so that it can receive and pass the pure divine light. The diamond flower of

the sacred lotus start to open in your energy field the access to the cosmic


The light Activate the power within your physical body, so you can carry the golden, blue and red light of

The three pure ones Being. It connects you with your Divinity and the divine, cosmic consciousness and the Matrix creation of the cosmos.


Daoist energies can be used to renovate your youthfulness, intelligence and wisdom and expand your consciousness beyond the physical levels.

This Workshop will enable you to improve your spiritual awareness and improve the flow of your energy channels which will lead to higher awareness and enlightened states of mind.

Cosmic chi contains particles of energy that spiral into matter to cultivate the mind, internal organs, glands and senses.

Daoist masters used the transmutation of cosmic chi

to transcend death to become immortal.

The Daoists masters lived exclusively on the sustenance of the Divine Shen (higher chi). They integrated and assimilated cosmic chi to attract and absorb more of this vital force as they circulated the chi again and again until they were re-absorbed back into the Universe.

They became immortals free of all negative energy blocks and patterns.

They were pure and compassionate and their hearts over flowed with the universal field (Dao).

Also You will be protected by and be able to use the laujun shu talisman!


like reiki



You can use this system for healing yourself and others like reiki or dao healing but if you try to attune to anyone the energy will dismiss. There is no master levels and there won´t by anyone else in the planet.

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