New prosonodo stars attunements

And star of Bethlehem or deneb SYMBOL ATTUNEMENT

It seemed to be the point in the sky that was the point of cosmic creation, but also the place of bereavement. It is the place where the soul would return to in remembrance.

Why was this so important? because this was the position on the Milky Way where the Milky Way splits into two, like forks into two (branches) to create what is known as the Dark cleft, the back memories of the unloved soul.

“If you start looking into the religious ideas of cultures and indigenous civilizations, you’ll find that the star Deneb, Cygnus constellation, in the Milky Way’s Dark aperture was seen as a point of entry and exit into the sky world. It was seen as this is where the souls came from and this is where the souls return to in death. It is the turning point into wholeness.

The golden-blue frequency and many other frequencies, the proclaimers

trust and that trust is described as the star of Bethlehem. In reality it is the

Prosonodo light.

This Prosonodo Light is the living Christ and the cosmic meridians of energy of life.

to follow this Prosonodo light star.

So it came about that many kinds of frequencies, with

many People went on their uniqueness way to witness the birth

of Christ within. Reborned into spirit, and guided by higher forces of light.


In Palestine during the time that Jesus of Nazareth walked on Earth as Christ Jesus-during the three years of his life, from his thirtieth to his thirty-third year--the entire being of the Cosmic Christ was acting uninterruptedly upon him, and was working into him. The Christ stood always under the influence of the entire cosmos; he made no step without this working of the cosmic forces into and in him . . . It was always in accordance with the collective being of the whole universe with which the Earth is in harmony, that all which Christ Jesus did took place.

From these words it is clear that it was not mere coincidence that there was a conjunction between the Sun and the mega star Deneb. Evidently the cosmic forces streaming from Deneb were transmitted via our Sun and were received and transmitted further by Christ at the time of the miracles, with the Sun crossing the Deneb meridian at the time of the miracle.

Just as there are meridians-lines of energy flow-in the human being, these meridians exist also in the greater cosmos of the macrocosm. As may be understood from the law of correspondences "as above, so below", if there are meridians in the human being, they must exist also "above" in the cosmos. We can picture an energy flow streaming from each star and intersecting our archetypical bodies of believes, the place of intersection is indicating the point of influx of the energy flowing from our cosmos into our solar system and so whenever the Sun or any planet in our solar system crosses the Deneb meridian, the Deneb energy flows in to unite with that planet or with our Sun. (Here energy is to be understood as the Divine Energy or Divine Love radiating from the stars.)

. Focusing upon the meridians as energy lines flowing through every star, the entire celestial sphere becomes significant.

Deneb's luminosity is given as 250,000 and it is listed as the 32nd most luminous star in our galaxy. In this list there are altogether sixteen grand mega stars whose luminosity exceeds 1,000,000 –

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Ramón Martínez López







Prosondo Light Attunement by Solina Grill Mitterhofer - Bears Highest Light of Jesus. It is the light of love, the merkabah, the living net

regular price 100.00

Prosonodo Light bears the highest light of Jesus

Christ. It is the light of love and contains the entire energy

of redemption. The Prosonodo Light is the merkabah, the

living net, the star tetrahedron of Jesus Christ. It is tied to

the Divine Thought Field with all aspects. As you are taking

a path which is called the Pioneer path you will receive the

great gift to be attached, connected to the Prosonodo

Light, and Jesus will give you an initiation.

Absorbed fully, this pure divine light can bring you to

love yourself deeply and to accept yourself as you are. You

can feel what it means to forgive, to forgive yourself, to

feel the redemption. In addition, Prosonodo Light brings

strength, freedom and abundance.

You will receive the manual, attunement by chi ball call in method and certificate and or lineage upon request.



Founder Ramon Martinez

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunements and a certificate.


This system helps with ...To thine on self be true, acting in accordance with who you are and what you believe. If you know and love yourself you will discovery it effortless to be true to yourself. Just as you cannot love anyone else until you love yourself, you cannot be true to anyone else until you are true to yourself.

Be who you are! Have the bravery to accept yourself as you really are, not as someone else thinks you should be. Do not take action or make-believe to be someone else for the sake of reaching acceptance.







Prince of the peace light

Conscience of the self

Self empowerment

Self responsibility

Love of the self

Cosmic self

Sarha noorulain can mean the dissolution of darkness in to light within you. The vision of who you indeed are.


The primordial life force, Shekinah and more…

Laya can mean:

• Sticking, adherance

• Fusion, solution

• Disappearance, dissolution, destruction

• Absorption, deep concentration, exclusive devotion (to any object)

• Rest, repose

• Making the mind inactive, indifferent

'Laya' is a state of mental stillness, `disappearance', 'dissolution', `rest', `repose', `mental inactivity' - . However, the meanings `destruction' and `exclusive devotion' are not applicable to this state. The experience of 'laya' is temporary. The arrest of thoughts is temporary as they return the moment the pressure is released. The stillness comes and goes.

Mirianlaya can mean the fusion into love.


Characteristics of these energies:

During the next year we are adjusting to the new coming energies, or new arising of the gold-blue-purple-white ray of light-love information coming.

We are going to experience the continuation of duality. ` In the latter, though for a brief while, the sense of identity would be totally dissolved, like a vessel of water in a well, due to the new electromagnetic field of the earth. Secondly, when such merger occurs, the peace, the bliss and the upsurge of love would continue even after one comes out of the experience. The thought force itself would be very minimal even when one is back to functioning with identity.

Your soul is becoming easier to perceive, and feelings that have not risen to the surface yet, cannot be held back anymore. Your mind may still try to understand and direct this, but your soul will be stronger.

Sometimes repressed feelings can be painful, but when they rise to the surface they are healed through The New Prosonodo Lights. This leads you into the deeper love for yourself and gives you peace. “The New Prosonodo Light” is spreading over the whole planet. Even if there may be painful processes, The Prosonodo Light brings a significant renovation. Through the raising of the earth energies the energy of omnipotence is brought into the duality more. This means that you can feel your divine core deeper than ever before. Through this powers are released in you that permit you to create your life just as is right for you.

The transmission of various energies

depending on your requests can:

• bring you healing on all levels

• cleanse your entire system

• remove, dissolve, melt everything that does not serve you

• help you to incorporate what really is part of you.

The energies transmitted are always the ones that serve your highest good. Consequently adults, children and also animals can profit from such transmissions. The energies can be directed across any distance as well so that anybody.

Practice with these energies increases your existence.


During the empowerments you are wrapped and embedded deeply in the love energies so that all the things that constrain you, the old arrangements, old coatings, the pressure of everyday life, being in the duality, are converted and liquefied in the gentlest way. Healing can take place on all levels just as your soul is ready for. Your energies are stabilized, your strength and your trust improved. With golden-blue-purple-white light, you feel free and full of delightful peace.

The doors of ANKALEA are the doors of origin of life, the most profound secrets of the mother earth are revealed to the purest hearts of light. The doors of renewal, is an infinitive space with no dark no light in it. You can enter there and ask your questions for secrets that need to be revealed to you; the secrets of creation. You are a creator and your own master of life.

This is a practitioner level course/energy. Master level not available.