Hi, good day Master Ramon,


I am going well by The Lords Grace.

Yes I do have comments and it is like telepathy because I was thinking to message you today.


1. I only called inn the Marijuana Reiki because it was urgent to me to relieve the pain and fatigue from fibromialgy, reumatic polimialgy, bursitis. 


This system is being a big help for me, I had some catharsis (headache) on the first week but now it is over, this system is very helpful but there is nothing about Activation for others or send distancie treatment. I have kids, brothers and parente, most of them on my country, they may need help. I am the only one who knows about REIKI because of my suffering. 


2. I am sure  and per the first experience, I can tell that your systems are very powerful  but the manuals are very brief in my opinion. Some of us we speak portuguese and we need a bit more of explanation. 


3. Attunements call inn method is missing in some manuals. Each founder has his own method and also the same founder may have different ways of attunements call inn method for different systems. I say that because with my dilemma off my health conditions, I tried 10 or more founders until I gain courage to ask you for a discount. I have my eyes in your systems for 2 or 3 years ago and I can say that I am very happy with the first one. I congratulate you.


I am planning to call inn the 2nd tonight. This weekend I will finish my order


Many blessings 


Maria Odete 



Ramon Martinez 


To:Maria Odete da Conceicao

Thu, May 2 at 2:15 PM

Hi, the call in is with the activations, empowerments, attunements describe in the manuals.


The shortness of manuals is about energy more that words, but you can fill the gaps of ideas, or make yours the way you acquire the knowledge about the manual information. By the way, you can find more info about attunements in my web or make your own search in internet about the theme you are interested about.

much light and blessings, R.


Hi, for transmition of energies to others there are other workshops,

this one of Marihuana is for personal use,

when you use open systems, for others, the energy is different and can decrease after initiations.

Much light and blessings, and love, R.



Cuando uno se cura así mismo, se siente agradecido y motivado a querer hacerlo con los demás, pues descubre que la verdadera curación está en uno mismo, y no en los fármacos, las farmacéuticas viven de las enfermedades, por lo que no les conviene que sepas que la salud está en ti. Yo desde que me cure a mismo, comprendí, que la salud está en la mente y en la naturaleza, pues tuve la convicción de lo que decía el maestro Jesús y también lo dice el Bhagavad Gita: " Tal como el hombre piensa en su corazón así es el". Así que si quieres estar sano, cambia tu estilo de vida y tus pensamientos y has todo lo necesario para mejorar tu vida.

Cuando logres el cambio, tu vida será otra, y desearas ayudar a otros a que descubran la verdad, y no depender de nada ni de nadie, sino de si mismo. Espero está reflexión te ayude.

Que tengas una excelente noche, y que el sueño te proporcione luz y sabiduría.

Buenas noches.


When you cure yourself, you feel grateful and motivated to want to do it with others, because you discover that the true cure is in yourself, and not in the drugs, pharmaceutical companies make a living from diseases, so it is not in their best interest that know that health is in you. Since I healed myself, I understood that health is in the mind and in nature, because I was convinced of what the teacher Jesus said and what the Bhagavad Gita also says: "As a man thinks in his heart so is he". So if you want to be healthy, change your lifestyle and your thoughts and do everything necessary to improve your life.

When you achieve the change, your life will be different, and you will want to help others discover the truth, and not depend on anything or anyone, but on yourself. I hope this reflection helps you.

Have a great night, and may sleep bring you light and wisdom.

Good night.

Aaron Nofrieta.




Hakim: Awesome

Hakim: Today I went to heaven

Hakim: And see huge dragon there

Hakim: I got on it

Hakim: And fly

Hakim: And I saw that I became one

Hakim: I became dragon

Hakim: And flying

Hakim: Wonderful system

Hakim: I never seen before and didn't Experience

Hakim: Heaven was full of peace

Hakim: When i practice dragon samadhi i am full of peace

Hakim: And love

Hakim: Many of its items cannot be described

Hakin: Just should experience it

Hakim: Many thanks dear master 🌹🌹🌹

Hakim: For example heaven isn't describe

Hakim: Air in heaven is awesome can't describe

Hakim: Some part of this experience can't describe

Hakim: I'm still full of peace after coming

Hakim: All worries are gone


Hakim from IRAN:


Oh i receive it and i feel increase energy of dragon ball series and fire dragon golden ball

I feel huge energy and i feel pressure in my skull and i feel much love


Anyway with this dragon i feel increase energy of dragon balls

And i feel more relax now.


When i trigger purple i feel joy more and more

And i feel full of energy

I feel joy inside

And i feel i have more motivation

And i feel elimination of negative feeling thought and emotion

Most of the feelings are internal and cannot be explained extensively.



Hello Ramon;


Since I received the mastery of the Dragon Reiki Gran Master I am another person ... true how they join and help.

The initiation was incredible. .. likes to dance to the dragon hahahaha. .. it seemed to have a masseuse putting my whole body ... my mother! !!

Meditation from the intention of empowering the two has been fascinating and I have subsequently given Paula a session and it has been incredible. ... I have done the visual and body scan and it has taken me to the crown farm ... through distorted sight and as in 3D and blows I have treated his headache and my hands were in the 5 chackra.

She has felt relief in the head and very hot in the throat area while some punctures and slight discharges on the cheeks all from the well-being ... has been fascinating.

Then something happened to me ... I have thought about a friendly couple of mine I don't know why I said why something is wrong or about connecting to them ... the case that my light has visualized them and I have started to send them energy focusing their crown chakra and there Energy has flowed through the blown sight and finally hands.

This tuning that I sent them they have to call her? or just here it stays. In case they have to tune in for half an hour in my name.

I don't know about this ... guide me, since having mastery I understand that I can go around but I need follow-up on this ...

You already give me your opinion and above all this.

It is simply wonderful.

Thank you and lots of light to you.



Difficult to translate into words. A very powerful but at the same time subtle healing, one of the deepest that I could experience. Being able to feel the flow of my energy, becoming aware of the power of my sacred womb (which although I knew it in theory, experiencing it is another level), discovering and understanding things about myself moved me a lot and it took me days to integrate it, but it is part of the process and without a doubt a great gift, a huge blessing.

Thank you Ramón for the delicacy, patience and love with which you give yourself to help others. 

Maria Fernanda.


Carolina from Paraguay says:


So, when I receive the energy I feel in the region of the uterus, I always say that it moves, and it seems orgasm

I got it, activate my sleeping uterus

I did not understand what happened at the beginning because to move everything inside it feels like an orgasm.

And it is when it is activated or uterus. Incredible there is the center of my power and well-being.

That's why it's always there like fire working

Last night I went to a birthday we were all women, in a very nice place here, and something strange happened to me, I saw Ramón different, I felt different, I became aware that something changed.

You told me .... follow your intuition ..... wake up your feminine side ....


Difícil de plasmar en palabras. Una sanación muy poderosa pero al mismo tiempo sutil, de las más profundas que he podido experimentar. Poder sentir el flujo de mi energía, hacerme consciente del poder de mi sagrado útero (que si bien lo sabía en la teoría, experimentarlo es otro nivel), descubrir y comprender cosas sobre mi misma me movió mucho  y me llevó días integrarlo, pero es parte del proceso y sin duda alguna un gran regalo, una enorme bendición. 

Gracias Ramón por la delicadeza,  paciencia y amor con que te entregas a ayudar a otros.😘😘😘😘😘😘. María Fernanda.


Carolina desde Paraguay dice:


Entonces, cuándo recibo la energía siento en la región del útero, siempre digo que se mueve, y parece orgasmo

Ya entendí, activa mi útero dormido

yo no entendía que pasaba al principio porque a las de mover todo dentro se siente como un orgasmo.

Y es cuando se activa ni útero.  Increíble ahí está el centro de mi poder y bienestar.

Por eso siempre queda ahí como fuego trabajando

Anoche fui a un cumpleaños éramos todas mujeres, en un lugar muy lindo de acá, y me ocurrió algo extraño, me vi diferente Ramón, me sentí diferente, tome conciencia que algo cambio.

Me decías.... sigue tu intuición..... despierta tu lado femenino....


Dear Ramón,


Thank you so much for the attunements. For API PUTIH Attunements, do I call in as "API PUTIH MACAN” like you said? Please let me know.

By the way, Maha Blue Samadhi is your STRONGEST system for me. It shuts down the mind completely (cannot think) and heals inner turmoil in less 1 hour and lasts nearly all day. A miracle when used daily. I try to use it every night. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your AMAZING work! All your systems when use together can transform total inner chaos into total calm within 60 minutes. A miracle! Really the best on this planet. I wish I could afford more from you. You saved my mind and my life.

A million thanks & blessings,



About Maha Vajra Kalachakra Shaktipat:


It's amazing! I lhave learned so much! This is a great way to enlightenment and liberation. One can completely rebuild is energy system... and access higher conscioussness

I find it very useful and I practice everyday this system...

it is so complete

every lightworker should work with these energies.


About Ayahuasca cacao empowerments:

Jerome Hourdeau

An amazing experience!! Life is no longer the same after!!

Be blessed Master Ramon Martinez  Thank you so much! Amazing Healing!!


About ibogas empowerments by Jerome:

Very intense, it was fantastic! My squeleton was in ultra white platinum flashing light. Feeling of bliss; Pinéal gland strong activation along with heart chakra. Visions of shamans helping and healing me. My legs extended and became very long, strong grounding. I was full of énergie and very peaceful at the same time my aura was like a stroboscope with flashing light very bright!



Book maha vajra kalachacka

Thank you

I have received well your book.

I learnt a lot.

I have learnt about knowledge and that higher there is wisdom, and by your book I did a fusion of them, then, I learnt and I didn't know that, you can reach higher than wisdom and I 

have asked God to have all steps after wisdom...

I have also learned that after wisdom there is God.

Thank you for Ilmu...

I use it every day.

It is an honour to use this energy.




Just received great feedback after attuning a client with diabetes to Insuline attunements: "it works......... all values are back to normal!! great!! I am overjoyed!!!!!!!!!" Manuela Marx 


The karma remover prayer and lightbody mantra kept on building up a very strong energy...it kept rising and rising for many hours. I did chant the mantra many times and the more I chanted it, the better it felt. I had to charge my painting (with jesus) with this prayer as well to send out this energy to whoever looks at it and is open to receive the energy. I really love it!! Thank you! Manuela marx


Ramon, your systems are unique and amazing and I wish more people would know about them because then more people would be enlightened and expanded beings. It is truly a wonderful experience working with your channeled energies and fast track to God realization. Thank you so much! L.


Using Ramon's systems I have found to be much more connected spiritually and can feel that actual change is taking place. I feel much clearer and more purified and my psychic gifts are more awakened when working with his energy systems. Above all Ramon's systems give me hope that anything is possible and that whatever you seek to heal or achieve is within reach. I feel that his systems are easily the most powerful I have worked with and would recommend them to anyone serious about Spirit, Growth and Healing. With my immense gratitude and the highest blessings, L.


Hello I used the golden uterus reconnection technique to heal a student of mine. She had hard pain with great heat in her breasts after healing herself with DNA Lights Reiki Technique. After discussion we found that she did not release past feelings and thoughts of her X lover and kept it burried after being married and happy and forgetting all about it. I made her a session with golden uterus, my hands froze during the session and she had pain in her uterus and the heat turned to calm cold with little pain in the breasts. Today she is totally fine and i a better mood. I guess it is your technique and it is magical. God bless. Lina


Dear Ramon, the attunement to Insulin Attunements was very soft and very subtle and relaxing. The attunement to Fonon Essence was interesting. I noticed a pattern emerging from the universe which was integrated into my daughter's energy system - a golden circle with symbols on it...it looked like an electric circuit that was supporting my daughter. She was laying next to me when I received the attunement. I felt the energy working with me all night long. Very pleasant and powerful!! Blessings, Manuela


I received the Angelic Diksha Empowerments, today and in Reading the manual, I already felt a tingling within my body. The tingling sensation was present during the attunement as well. First, my heart Chakra opened up, then I felt my hand chakras opening, my crown, my feet chakras and noticed light patterns Emerging in my Aura. The tingling lasted for a Long Time at least 1 hour. Wonderful Energy! Manuela marx


Ultra Pink Diamonds Kalachakra Empowerment is REALLY transformative. I had many extreme transformations since taking the 5 attunements! Wow. Manuela marx. Multimaster teacher.



I love the energies! They are fantastic! My favorite so far has been Mystic Rose and Egyptian Tantric. :) I love them. :) I had a friend ask me about them today and I told him the energies are amazing. :) :) I also like Golden Dragon pearl. Oh, honestly I love all of them. :) Honestly the energies are fabulous.



I love this one! Very awesome. Great work. Thank you for sharing. 0rgasmic touch SYSTEM

Hi Ramon! Good day! Thank you so much. I love these! Great work! :) :) I really like Being an Angel. The energy is fantastic! :)


The energies of the Light Diamond Series is AMAZING, very POWERFUL!


Anthakarana misteries.

Wonderful. Thank you so much. I love this one and the last one. I will call this one in tonight. The last one had such a strong energy and has left me feeling renewed and full of energy and life. I was so tired this morning and kind of down because it was Monday and time to get back to work and routine. LOL! :) Now, I feel a sense of direction, purpose, energy and I have gotten some new ideas for my work. :) Thank you ever so much. :)



Querido Ramón cada meditación con usted me descubro a mí mismo y cosas interiores que llevo que ni sabia que tenia, gracias por su ayuda, por su guía que me da fortaleza para cumplir mi misión en esta vida y alcanzar todas aquellas cosas que mejoran mi camino deseo tanto que muchas personas puedan tener ese encuentro espiritual que usted me ha regalado, tanto a mi familia como a todas las personas que me rodean......Mil gracias por todo



Hoy he tenido mucha sed, la boca seca, te cuento que anoche tuve un orgasmo increíble, y mi esposo dice que ahora ve a todas las mujeres con deseo, yo lo vacilé... aprovecho para darte las gracias de corazón.



Bueno cada día me siento mas conectada conmigo misma, siento más energía y llena de amor...Estoy en proceso de cambio de los defectos que tengo eso quiere decir que estoy sanando por dentro.



Hola Ramón:

te escribo aquí como me sentí el día después de haber dormido como una reina. estaba feliz, mi felicidad era extrema. sentía un calor en mi pecho maravilloso, era como algo que estallaba por dentro. no quería que nadie me tocara porque me daba miedo que se fuera con la persona que me tocaba. sentía una gran luz y quería que esa gran luz le llegara a todo el mundo. no quería que el día se terminara. estaba gozosa. todo me alegraba, quería vivir, quería comer, el cielo me parecía maravilloso. me sentía niña y grande a la vez. con mucha esperanza, me sentía sana. todo brillaba a mi alrededor...¡qué día tan maravilloso! fue una bendición.



Maestría de Reiki Usui

Hola Ramón.

Madre mía!!! Sin palabras, o no con muchas más bien.

Ha sido impresionante, creo que era la luz y el ser, pero te he sentido muy cerca como parte del proceso.

Como me colocaba físicamente, adoptando al proceso mi cuerpo, y el momento final, cuando entre tos y tos expulsaba el aire que casi me atraganto...increíble.

Tras ello he empezado a llorar, y reír, y sólo me salían las "Gracias" para ti, para el ser, para todo lo que sentía.

Tras esto, he ido a la cocina a beber agua, pero me lo han impedido, se ha movido la energía a través de mis brazos y he empezado a fijarme delante del salón y han comenzado a moverse mis brazos como aspas cruzadas en el...luego me ha llevado por toda la casa, y se han movido en mi cuarto, en el de Paula...y al llegar al de David he flipado, la intensidad que ha cogido y el tiempo largo...David esta muy adolescente y en proceso negativo, ya sabes... y entre risas, llanto, he limpiado esa zona...y de repente los brazos han parado.

Tras esto, he ido a beber, me he echo un t´´e y sentada, sentía una paz, un amor, una alegría indescriptible...y de repente he empezado a canturrear...un mantra supongo...pero desde mí...no escuchado nunca antes...me ha encantado la experiencia..

Lo noto en el centro del pecho, y ahí está.

Ahora debo trabajarlo..iré investigando a través de lo que sienta e intuya y el manual.

Pero si me das pautas, lo agradeceré.

Eres un ángel, y me siento ahora yo, un ángel también.

Gracias infinitas!!!



Hola Ramón;

Desde que recibí la maestría del Dragón Reiki soy otra persona...cierto como se unen y ayudan las 2.

La iniciación fue increíble. ..le gusta bailar al dragón jajajaja. ..parecía tener un masajista colocándome el cuerpo entero...madre mía! !!

La meditación desde la intención de potenciar a los dos ha sido fascinante y posteriormente le he dado una sesión a Paula y ha sido increible. ..he realizado el escaner visual y corporal y me ha llevado al chacra corona...mediante vista distorsionada y como en 3D y soplidos he tratado su dolor de cabeza y mis manos estaban en el 5 chackra.

Ella ha sentido alivio en la cabeza y mucho calor en la zona de la garganta a la vez que algunos pinchazos y leves descargas en las mejillas todo ello desde el bienestar...ha sido fascinante.

Después me ha pasado algo...he pensado en una pareja amiga mía no se porque di porque algo anda mal o por conectarme a ellos..el caso que mi luz los ha visualizado y he empezado a mandarles energía focalizando su chacra corona y ahí ha fluido la energía a través de la vista soplido y finalmente manos.

Esta sintonización que les he enviado ellos han de llamarla? o simplemente aquí se queda.  Por si tienen que sintonizar media hora en mi nombre.

No se en cuanto a esto...guíame,  ya que al tener maestría entiendo que puede ir por ahí pero necesito seguimiento en cuanto a esto...

Ya me das tu opinión y sobre todo esto.

Es simplemente maravilloso.

Gracias y mucha luz para ti.