Zapharel Therium Ray


will start energetic changes and clearings that over time will bring harmony and peace in relationships with others – both in romantic relationships and friendships and working relationships. Issues carried during this lifetime and previous lifetimes will be healed and cleared and you will feel less laden and more at ease with those closest to you. Zapharel is a member of the Seraphim which is closest to Source of spiritual light. This ray can be more easily able to clear blocks and restore our energy to work in harmony with all around us. So often people feel intense energy for healing themselves and others to become a pure and strong channel of energy.


therium ray


Activates the energy in your heart to manifest cooper-silver-green light desires and increases love frequencies, healing frequencies, abundance frequencies, soul frequencies, joy ecstasies frequencies.


Thelema is all manifested existence that arises from the interaction of two cosmic principles: the infinitely extended and omnipresent space-time and the atomic Principles individually expressed from Life and Wisdom. The interaction of these two gives rise to the principle of the consciousness that governs existence.

Thelema connects the sun with every individual star.

It is the Fire of Desire at the Heart of Matter.

The combination of the upward-pointing triangle of and the downward-pointing triangle forms the Star of Spirit (the Hexagram). The union of the infinitely small and the infinitely great that causes an explosive rapture which leads to Samadhi.


Each person possesses a soul or "Body of Light" that is arranged in "stratums" or "covers" that surround that physical body. Thelema considers that each individual also has its own personal "Holy Guardian Angel"; Which can be reflected both as the "higher self," and as an independent, sensitive, divine being.