Red Magic is also referred to as Hoodoo, a derivative of Voodoo, which was carried to the United States by West Africans during the slave trade. It is a blend of spiritual practices indigenous to the people of the Congo and other African tribes.

In valuing emotion and adventure so greatly, what Red truly prizes is freedom. To live life the Red way - passionately and imminently - Red must be able to act on its impulses, doing what it feels each moment without delay. It doesn't want to be censored or controlled, because when one's passions are shackled from action, a person cannot be who he is. To disallow him to be who he is, is to destroy him; in Red's view, censorship is death. As such, the idea of rules, of pinning someone to one course even if his emotions urge him down another, is atrocious to Red. Where Red can see, those who dare to speak of rules and limits will meet with a furious ultimatum to shut up. All of these things often get Red into trouble, which Red seems to not really care about. Red will fight against anyone who restrains anyone else, and the tools that Red uses to make this point, and those it uses to seek its own richness of passion.


Great master! I understand why they call it root working. Very grounded, my feet are red hot, the red hoodoo dragon goes up the spine with blazing red flammes! The angelic psalm is wonderful , all theses years of fighting evil made me forget a few basics. So it is raising hopes and boostig faith a great deall!. JEROME.