How love works 

Energy of love 

Everything is heart 

The heart brain 

The heart beyond time and space 

Love the great experience of intimacy

Learning the loving language                                  

The happiness of love

Love is not a matter of choice 

Soul relationships 


Imago therapy criticism

An integrated model

Sympathy, empathy and compassion

How to attract a partner

The magic of love

Tantric practices

Tantric massage

About chakras

Balancing chakras 

Tantric practice of golden hearts

Orgasmic touch

About spiritual energy of love

Mindfulness meditation

Issues about love.


    Anguished, materialistic, upset and aimless world. He needs your powerful contribution. Offer it. Offer your positive mind, your pure body, your harmonious aura, your radiant passion, your faith without limits in the goodness of life and in the laws that lead to a higher end, human evolution. 



    Love connects us with infinite intelligence, the source of energy for happiness, synchronicity and manifestation. I mean unconditional love, which brings us trust and faith. Love has the power to manifest in all areas of your life. It connects you with positive energies that unite you with your true self, drive you to follow your dreams, and focus on your way of life.


    Unconditional love is a deep love that knows no bounds. There are no conditions or restrictions, there is no judgment in unconditional love. This love is the strongest energy that is to improve your life, it is the most powerful energy that exists. Love is joy, happiness, passion; It is complete forgiveness, it is full freedom, absolute totality. Love is the confidence that allows you to enter wisdom without any doubt that all your needs and desires are fulfilled for the betterment of your life. It is about trust and the release of worries, the release of stress, the release of doubts. It is the creative energy, the infinite intelligence. In other words, love makes your belief shape your life as you would like it to be.


    The different expressions of love, healing love, dynamics of relationships, sympathy, empathy and compassion are recounted. Love of souls, twin flames and as well as exercises of energy love activations. Tantra aspects and its manifestations, like tantric massage described  in detailed exercises. Even tantra is where you become a conscious unity with the other. Tantric love is the fusion of divine beings that consciously complement each other.

    A guide to the chakras and mindfulness meditation is also included.