It is the master of manifestation, who can call on the elements of nature to serve the greater good. When the power to co-create is used with integrity, great beauty and benefit flow to all. When this power is used for personal gain only, everyone suffers.

It is calling you to create something new from the elements that are already in your life. Be sure you work with what is, and not with what might be or could have been. The seeds that have been silently germinating in your heart will burst forth ready for the sunlight. Do not hold back; put all your chips on the next roll of the divine dice! 

Recognize how you are co-creating your world—nothing is happening “out there” without your involvement. Remember that the world is only mirroring back to you the condition of your love and your intent, so change these within before you take any action. Do not take life personally.


Pyramids were created to restore, cocreate by “similar similibus” mirroring heavens and earth.