Blue Pearl empowerments


Blue Pearl is also known as the sphere of unmanifest light.

Yogis see it like who contains the entire world within Himself, within the

Blue Pearl in meditation. That supreme unmanifest Being

is extremely secret to seekers. He is the goal of

the Siddha path.

This is not something that can ever be expressed

in speech or writing, even at the end of time.

It is only through His grace that

divine realization

will come.


You will learn about the 4 bodies

Supra causal body, one of them.

Beyond the Physical Body

8 Levels of Soul Existence.


Unique mantras and empowerments. 19 manual pages.


If you are and very advance spiritual practitioner, this workshops is for you. if you are a beginner in the spiritual world this workshop is for you.


Practice in meditation is recommended, to develop these energies.