Ultra Aurora Grids


The consciousness units of the Universes, the Rays of the Universes, quantum multiverses, the beings that live there in alignment with Krystal Diamond Star and Unity Intelligence, are called Aurora Ultra aura. Krystal Diamond Star works with the Aurora to build platforms that are safe zones that step over the reversal fields running on the earth from the Frequency Boundary and Webnet.

Some of the empowerments

Aurora Blueprint

Aurora heart

It unified your heart chakra with all chakras in one-time line. Lion and Eagle describe the vertical and horizontal lines.

Dragon lines are described in loops.

It refers also to go beyond space and time in a unified field, cosmic and earth.

Tachyon Aurora Boost Grids Empowerment

For body kundalini alchemical transmutation . Alchemical transmutation ignites your DNA in order to feel unconditional love on deeper and fuller levels, easy to integrate all the illuminated being into oneness.

Tachyon Aurora Boost Grids Empowerment