Phoenix fire ball samadhi™



 That everything changes is the basic truth for all existence ... Since each existence is constantly changing, there is no permanent self. Indeed, the self-nature of each existence is nothing other than the change itself, the self-nature of all existence. There is no separate special self-nature for each existence. This is also called the teaching of Samadhi. When we realize the eternal truth of "everything changes" and find our serenity there, we find ourselves in Samadhi.


The world of light has infinite, because the world of light can’t be limited.

Light becomes the oceans of guidance and the oceans of reality.

The soul guides you in infinitive oceans of light.

An  intense energy, burning all inside and outside.

Freedom is love

release your illusory past and

reborn in spirit

It can affect your identity, physical body, emotional and mental thoughts-patterns.


This is the fuel for acceleration of transcendence of spirit

and the energy required to your physical body and cells.


Some of the attunements:

Fire phoenix skull fire 

Fire phoenix scolecite ball fire

Fire phoenix ball virya fire

(It transforms sexual energy from male and female and detox effect, like a burning sun, photonic energy).

The meaning of this name relates to the Greek word meaning 'a worm', referring to its propensity to curl the light fire when heated by your Phoenix being.

This scolecite ball resonates completely with the third eye chakra, it is gentle and calming as it makes contact.

The sweet sublime contact with spirit that one feels, makes this a wonderful for the crown chakra too.

It is the most profoundly peaceful , energy allowing you to make contact easily with spirit and your higher self. Its energy is instant and deeply restful. Its vibration is akin to the feeling of love.

It gently and peacefully awakens both the heart chakra and the deeper thymus chakra, also known as the higher heart chakra.


Fire phoenix thunder ball thunder


The Ultimate of phoenix thunder, useful to neutralize any form of dark forces, black magick, and inner power attacks from your enemies. Not only for yourself, you can use it for others or a place, will also upgrade infinitive% your physical, magickal, and inner power.


Fire phoenix ball pineal elixir fire.