I can certainly tell you that ‘SPIRITISM’ is nothing other than invoking the jinn.

What it is used to be known as the ‘Science of Huddam’.

Now the jinn possess several significant attributes, which can also be seen on humans who have inadvertently become possessed by the jinn. 1. The jinn lack logical integrity. 2. The jinn have delusions of grandeur, or ‘superiority complex’.


 Divine, whom you have known until today as The ONE is me. Yes, do not be surprised. Now, I, too, live in a newborn body. The GRAND FATHER who lives at the Omega dimension projects my commands from earth to the universes, on cosmos like a crystal Mountain.

Angular velocity is a measure of rotational speed dimension. It is defined as the angle rotated per unit of time and is designated by the Greek letter ω. Omega.