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Chunjon-nim is the creator of the Universe for Korean people and exists as the greatest and highest entity in the creation; therefore, Chunjon-nim is the cosmos, the Nature itself and the Source of All Life.


a particle of  Chunjon-nim (light) is descended onto Earth and joined with flesh, then become a human being; thus, Heaven, Earth, and Humanity are One with


Chunjon-nim provides the Truth and Understanding of the principles of creation, the reality of invisible realms in Heaven and Earth, and the basic precepts for Human Beings to live their daily lives.

Divine Vital Ki Energy is the source of life and comes from Chunjon-nim; it is the motion for transformation of mind and body.

Practicing “Jungshim” (literally meaning righteous mind) in a daily life is the way to restore Original Nature in heart.  Jungshim means having a good mind, a compassionate mind, a beautiful mind, a self- surrender    

mind, and a mind of serving others,

 to renovate mind and body for building a Peaceful World.

To attain holistic health and a balanced, fulfilling life by increasing awareness and understanding of Mind, Body, and Spirit through spiritual uplifting guidance and information,

to cultivate and purify the mind and body using Original Divine Vital Ki Energy (called Saeng Myung ui Won Ki) and Cosmic Sounds (called Chun Moon)


When Original Divine Vital Ki Energy  and Cosmic Sound harmoniously work as a principle of “yin and yang”, it works a wonder to create a new body, new mind, and new life.


What benefits you can gain:  By cultivating and purifying the body and mind, be revitalized the body immune system, cleanse all karma, maintain the mind of virtue, attain the holistic health, and enjoy living a balanced, fulfilling life.  Then, we are able to practice more of true love, genuine caring, full justice, and unconditional acceptance for oneself and others as become an Enlightened Spiritual Beings (known as Shin In).  With more Enlightened Spiritual Beings in our community, we finally can build the Peaceful and Happy World for everyone on earth.

Cultivation of Mind and Body: Spiritual self cultivation (called Soo Haeng) requires cultivation of mind and body Returning to the Original Nature of mind (called Won Shim Hweh Gwee) is thecore of self-cultivation training.  Literately, Won means (Original), Shim means (Nature of Mind), Hweh means (return), and Gwee means (position); therefore, Won Shim Hweh Gwee means “Returning to the Original Nature of Mind”.  Nature of mind means the Divine Nature of goodness, benevolence, and love.  In other words, we are revealing or lighting up the Divine Nature of our own self, which is the Original Mind of Heaven in us.  Every human being has the Original Mind of Heaven that was implanted in each individual’s heart by Chunjon-nim and deserves our utmost respect. 

The primary methods for cultivation: The effort of returning our minds to the Original Nature of Mind, which is the good, benevolent and beautiful mind, is our main goal.   The Chunjon- nim bestowed us with Original Divine Vital Ki Energy and Cosmic Sounds helping us to cultivate and purify the mind and the body.  Original Divine Vital Ki Energy and Cosmic sounds have power to change and transform our mind and body.


There are three key basics for cultivating and purifying the mind and the body

Won Ki kung is the training that cultivates our mind and body, and further brings it in sync with the universe.


The healing process involves transferring of positive energy, while chanting “SooRyon ChunMoon” (this chant tunes your own frequency with that of the universe), without touching the body.