ANGELS ROMANCE ELIXIR ATTUNEMENTS by Ramon Martinez Lopez - Attract Romance, Be Aware of Potential Partners, Exude Attractive Aura and more




They help you in love


They bring you the elixir of romance


The mixing of elixir within your heart represent the fragrance of romance exuding from you. These angels come to you as guidance to follow the pathway of those feelings. Perhaps you’ve met someone who made your heart jump, and you wondered whether to pursue him or her. These angels encourage you to take action by making your feelings known.


If you’ve recently been longing for more romance in your life, these angels are a signal to take charge of making that happen.


You can also actively track the path and attract romance.


You’ll receive these angels as a signal that you are ready for a new relationship. It then guides you to take action, such as being aware of people you meet who may be potential partners, as well as frequenting places associated with your hobbies and where such potential partners may be.




this energy is infused in your heart


it is also very heart healing from separation of your loving essence.




you exude a more attractive aura


and you can fill places with this energy


and you can find places and persons which are suited for you.


You will receive the manual and distant attunement.



I LOVE you and this attunement. OH my , THANK YOU, so much. I really needed this as I've been feeling unattractive lately, and insecure, and no self confidence, in the area of romance. I feel over that completely!:::)))))))))))))))))))))))) T.