Aos si realms empowerments by Ramon - Receive the Ancient Wisdom of Aos Si, Kumaras - the Fairies, Light Elves, and More

Aos si realms empowerments© by Ramon Martinez Lopez

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According to esoteric tradition, life exists throughout this solar system. Though invisible to the untrained eye, millions of souls on other planets provide to the overall spiritual environment of our solar system and galaxy. Our choices on earth also greatly impact their destiny.

The reason why our scientists cannot detect these life forms is because there are several dimensions within the physical plane that vibrate at different frequencies. They vibrate at a higher frequency that corresponds to the etheric plane. Some people who have clairvoyance would be able to perceive these life forms, just as they are able to perceive ghosts and demons within the astral plane of earth; fairies, gnomes, and leprechauns within elemental life; and angels and celestial cities in the etheric plane.

The highest masters of these realms of light are:

KUMARAS that means here “the green ones,” and "eternal youth” who found immortality by drinking the Water of Life.

The aos sí is the Irish term for a supernatural race in Irish mythology and Scottish mythology, (usually spelled Sìth, however pronounced the same) comparable to the fairies or elves. They are variously said to be the ancestors, the spirits of nature, or goddesses and gods.

Receive their ancient wisdom

Alfheim: Home of the Light Elves

Alfheim (In Old Norse Ālfheimr) is right next to Asgard in the heaven. The light elves are beautiful creatures. They are considered the "guardian angels" The god Freyr, is the ruler of Alfheim. The Light elves are minor gods of nature and fertility; they can help or hinder humans with their knowledge of magical powers. They also often delivered an inspiration to art or music.

Alfheim: the home of the light elves

Receive their ancient wisdon

Nidavellir: Home of the Dwarves

Nildavellir (In Old Norse Niðavellir) is the home of the dwarves, they live under the rocks, in caves and underground. Hreidmar was the king of Nidavellir, Nidavellir means Dark fields. The dwarves are masters of craftsmanship to The gods of Asgard, the Aesir have received many powerful gifts. Like Thor's hammer, the magical ring Draupnir and also Gungnir, Odin's spear.

Receive their ancient wisdom

The faeries are also known as the Everliving Ones and are sometimes described as shining beings. They have glass asallaíoch: green magic and can appear as a shimmering green sky light. They guard the Well of Forgetfullness so that people will not remember what they have done.

Receive their ancient wisdom of magic and healing

Diamond was a temple allegedly constructed by the Tuatha De Danaan using sacred geometry in the hills, that it was built around 3000 BC, and that it aligns with the midsummer sunrise, creating an exact latitude measurement. The temple was part of a religious project undertaken by the mythical people known as the Tuatha De Danaan to create a sacred marriage of the sun and the earth. The Tuath(a) Dé Danann (usually translated as "people(s)/tribe(s) of the goddess Danu"), also known by the earlier name Tuath Dé ("tribe of the gods"), are a race of supernaturally-gifted people in Irish mythology.

Receive their ancient wisdom of the order of light and earth energy forming one.

(pron. TOO-tha day DAH-noo, DOO-nah SHEE, MAH GOO-iv, SEE-lee, NAH-hihr) Immortal beings created by a great serpent, the Green Dragon of Erin: Water from Heaven that can appear small or large through magic. It invaded the energy field with new light of creation.

This empowerment releases the ancestor’s spiritual energy back to your 15th generation tree, to renew your energy system

Receive their ancient energy renewed



Fairy Lightworker Program

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Fairies are magickal beings that are multidimensional. They can move in and through the physical realm. We live in the 3rd dimension, the physical realm. But in reality, everything we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell are only illusions?these perceptions are how we communicate the information we receive in the physical realm to our true spiritual selves. We are energy. Everything is energy and nothing is truly solid. The Fairies know this, and are able to merge with the things that appear to be solid in the physical realm. Their energies are lighter and their knowledge of quantum physics, allows them to move in and out of different dimensions, which all co-exist at the same time in the same space.

You do not have to know or understand quantum physics to know that Fairies do exist, and that we rarely ever see them with our physical eyes. We sense them, feel their presence, and very often can communicate with them psychically through telepathy or visions.

The Fairy Light Worker Program will connect you to all Fairies, if you wish to call on them for assistance. However, this Reiki System strengthens and connects you to specific Fairies and their so that you will be able to call on them easily for assistance with healing, abundance, magick, guidance, protection, fertility, transformation, transition, strength, love, happiness, and beauty. Please keep in mind that you do not have to receive any attunement to work with Fairies, but the Fairy Light Worker Program does speed your ascension for working in the Otherworld of the Fairies, and strengthens and enhances your abilities to connect and work with the Fairies and their energies.

You will learn about the Following Fairies, and ways to work with them, and which Fairies to call on for assistance with specific areas of need:



Woodland Nymph



Star Fairy

Stone Fairy


Ice Fairy

Water Sprite

River Queen Coventina

There are 11 attunements for the Fairy Light Worker Program,

one for each of the above mentioned Fairies


faery & Avalon Connectionn Empowerment Package - Pure Spiritual Connections with the Feary King & Queens of Avalon

With your purchase you will receive all of the manuels, attunements and one certificate  for the package.

The Faery and Avalon Connections were channelled by Raine and Philip Hilton. I have known both Raine and Philip for quite a few years and the one thing that I can tell you is that their energies are pure and they are both true spiritual teachers in every sense of the word. During your distant attunement to each of the Faery King and Queen energies you will gain a permanent energetic connection which will enable you to tap into the etheric vibrational frequencies that each Faery King and Queen offers to you.


* The Faery King Donn Fierna Empowerment


Working with the Faery King Donn Fierna will grant you the ability to gain instant spiritual protection, strength and assistance in all matters concerning legality or financial concerns. Within the manual you will also find information on the many rituals that can help with your connection to King Donn Fierna, including music, scents and poems to enhance your working relationship with Donn Fierna.


* The Faery King Finvarra Empowerment


The energies of the Faery King Finvarra have been channelled to give you the abilities to create a protective force around you to prevent any and all forms of attack as well as bringing justice and legality to any financial situation. The Faery King Finvarra manual will also give you information on the many rituals, music, fragrances and poems to enhance your working relationship with King Finvarra.


* The Faery King Gwyn Ap Nudd Empowerment


In a very similar way to the energies of the other Faery Kings, your distant attunement to the faery King Gwyn Ap Nudd has been channelled as a spiritual tool to aid in your connection with this very powerful Faery King. Faery King Gwyn Ap Nudd gives you the energies to protect not only your personal self but also your surroundings. You will also learn more about the fragrances, rituals and music that is associated with Gwyn Ap Nudd within the supplied manual. This information is given to help you enhance and build upon your connections with Gwyn Ap Nudd and the many other beings within the Avalonian and Faery Realms.


* The Faery King Midar Empowerment


The Faery King Midar Empowerment was channelled by Raine and Philip after they were working with the energies of the Feary King Sil who is also available within the Faery & Avalon Connection Series. In the same way as the other Faery King energies, your connection with Midar will give you a powerful inner energy that provides you with constant spiritual protection from any and all forms of negative energy. You will also learn about the many scents, rituals, poems and music that when combined with this attunement will greatly aid you with your connection to the Faery King Midar.


* The Faery King Oberon Empowerment


The Faery King Oberon Empowerment is another beautiful stream of energy that I have used quite often since receiving my initiation directly from Raine. In a similar way to the other Faery Kings, Oberon offers you spiritual protection but his is one that gently guides you to the awareness of what you need to do to clear any negativity. He is a protector but Oberon also offers you a voice of reason when it is needed. You will also learn about the many fragrances, poems, music and colours that are associated with Oberon and when combined with this attunement will greatly aid you with your connection to the Faery King Oberon.


* The Faery King Sil Empowerment


When I connect with the energies of the Faery King Sil, they always provide me with a sense of mystery and an anticipation about what he will bring through for me to learn. In the same way as the other Faery King energies, Sil works by providing you with spiritual protection. Although this isnt part of the manual or the actual system, I have found that when working with King Sil that he provides me with a shield of protection which is unbreakable. No spell, ritual or negative force can penetrate it so this makes the King Sil a very important system for spiritual teachers to use or those who work with spirit release therapy. You will also learn about the many fragrances, colours, poems, rituals and music that when combined with the attunement will greatly aid you with your connection to the Faery King Sil.


* The Faery Queen Argante Empowerment


To create a balancing force Raine & Philip Hilton felt guided to also channel a set of Faery Queen energies which when used in conjunction with those of the Faery Kings will bring powerful healing and guidance to your spiritual life. The energies of the Faery Queen Argante The presence of Argante within your life is one that brings true spiritual blessings which are of the highest order. Argante is also known as the Queen of Avalon and the Queen of the Elves who are quite often called upon when working with Argante. You can also incorporate the Faery Star as you allow Argante to work through you. You will also learn about the many fragrances, rituals, poems and music that can help you with your connections to the Faery Queen Argante.


* The Faery Queen Caelia Empowerment


The Faery Queen Caelia Empowerment was channelled by Raine & Philip as a system of energy healing that introduces you to the etheric qualities of this Faery Queen who has stepped forth to help you to recapture the divine inner spark that you carry within your heart. Caelia will not grant you power but she will encourage you to find your own inner power. After working with Queen Caelia for quite some time now I can say that if you ask with a sincere heart and follow the given guidance and rituals within the manual then you will be given the assistance that is needed to help you connect with the Faery Queen Caelia.


* Faery Queen Maeve Empowerment


The Faery Queen Maeve Empowerment has been channelled to give you the energetic connection with the beautiful energies of the Faery Queen Maeve. Through your spiritual connection you will learn about the many ritual methods that can help you to connect with Queen Maeve which include music, fragrance oils, colour and poetry. During the many months of working with Maeve I have found that she brings an energy of respect and honour for our elders both in human and spiritual form. Working with the Faery Queen Maeve will also bring a new respect and energetic connection with nature and the elements.


* Faery Queen Morgan Le Fey Empowerment


Connecting with the energies of the Faery Queen Morgan Le Fey will open up a whole new world for you. She is a queen of doorways and if allowed will help you to experience a whole new view of her energies. Morgan Le Fey has for many years been portrayed as something she is not but through the channelling work of Raine and Philip, she will give you a new perspective on how she will help you to not only connect with the energies of Avalon but also with the vibrational frequencies of water and the oceans.


* Faery Queen Oonagh Empowerment


This beautiful empowerment has been channelled to aid you in your connection and work with the Faery Queen Oonagh. Through your distant empowerment the energies of the Faery Queen Oonagh will grant you the ability to allow a much brighter light to shine forth from you. Through this light, the veil that separates the realms of the Faery Queen and Humankind will become thinner which in turn enables you to glimpse this race of beings.


* Faery Queen Holda Empowerment


Taking the step forward by receiving your distant attunement to the Faery Queen Holda Empowerment you will begin bridging the gap between the realm of the Fae and those of humankind. Queen Holda is also quite often known as the Snow Fairy and while this is true she is not about coldness and woe. She actually celebrates the cheerfulness and beauty of the first snow fall by bringing to us the warmth of inner cheer and beauty. You will also learn about the many different fragrances, colours, poems and rituals that you can use to help with your connection to this beautiful Faery energy.