Rainbow Shamballa Twin Heart Diamond Dimensions by Ramon - Realization of the Absolute Nature, Unmask this awareness and let its radiance arise!

Founder: Ramon Martinez Lopez

With your purchase you will receive attunement by chi ball call in method and manual.

Rainbow Shamballa diamond is simply to realize the radiance, the natural expression of wisdom, which is beyond all intellectual concepts. It is the true realization of the Absolute Nature just as it is the ultimate completion.

Through the practice of shamballa diamond one can unmask this awareness and let its radiance arise.

the natural arising of visions of discs and rays of light,. These visions are naturally ready to arise from within the central channel that joins the heart to the eyes. Such an arising from this channel will appear in a gradual process. In the same way that the waxing moon will increase from the first to the fifteenth of the month, these visions will gradually increase from the simple perception of dots of light to the full array of the vast expanse. Like the sun of 72.000 rays in a manifestation of vital energy through space and awareness will thus reach its culminating point in our etheric bodies. This is call kaladarshan,

The ordinary body made of gross aggregates will dissolve into the ‘Rainbow Body of Great Transference’ or ‘diamond-body’, or dissolve without leaving any remnants or like a crystal ball that takes on the colour of the material on which it is placed without itself being changed in a sense of Reality as limitless wholeness.

Through the practice of rainbow shambala, Love is the ultimate reality in which the dimensions form a wholeness, with no duality and no karmic existence.

Twin heart diamond dimensions reflects the cosmic love in other hearts beyond dimensions and balance the elements of your human existence.



Like reiki

There is no master level

For serious spiritual practitioners

Meditate on the mantras, practice is the means to develop these energies-



Shambala Multidimensional Healing 13 Dimensional Master Healer Workshop


Shamballa Multidimensional Healing

13 Dimensional Master Healer,Levels 1-13

There is a prerequisite for this course as you must be attuned to Shamballa MD ? and be a Master Level to receive this attunement

Shamballa Multidimensional Healing 12D is a new Powerful Energies system as an addendum to Original 4 levels of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing

You will be initiated into 13 levels of reality..with multi-universal and multi-cosmic aspects of Shamballa Healing..13D will activate 144 Strands of DNA in your physical and spiritual bodies.. This will re-connect you entire self throughout these 13dimensions.

Initiations List & Techniques

1. Initiations into the order of Melchizedek.

(The Order of Melchizedek includes all who elect to serve as guided by the divine within them.)

2. Activation of the sacred geometry,cosmic fire and letters from the cosmic sacred languages in all your bodies.

3. All clearings of implants and negative multiple beings.

4. You will receive a deep connection with your - I am presence and through this connection will realize who and what we really truely are-- UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

5. You will be able to heal yourself on all levels and do the same for others.

6. You will learn how to work with your crystalline bodies. As well as heal, imbalances in them.

7. You will learn ow to connect to your blue print which is the seed of your perfection.

8. You will learn about heavenly hosts and the new universe beyond illusion.

9. Activation of the Melchizedek diamonds and crystals Matrix.

10. And more beyond explanation...

The central core of Shamballa is Love?Love and Freedom. Love for oneself and an innate knowingness of one?s connection with Mother/Father God and all Creation. Freedom from all that stands in the way of that knowingness. Freedom to know who you are, and to step into your Power, to step into your Mastery.

The origins of the Shamballa system lie way back in pre-history as we know it. Germain was incarnate in Atlantis at the time. He brought through the original system in order to help in the evolution of low vibrational beings who were being used as slaves. He wanted to make this slavery unacceptable, and to free these beings from their bondage of ignorance. The system today is much expanded, for we are ready for much higher energies now. But its purpose is similar?to free us from our bondage of ignorance, to bring us into the Love and Freedom of our own mastery. What does it mean to be a Master? It does not mean power over others. It simply means being a Master of oneself. As any true Master will tell you.