Free your mind of old beliefs and


prejudices of who you should like or dislike and welcome the good of all


others into your life and inhalation with no alienation.


Do not refuge anger towards others. Bring forgiveness in to your life and


move forward with passion and enthusiasm. By holding onto anger you miss out on experiences and visions that want to be shown to you. Accepting


others actions will bring compassion to you and allow you to move to a higher


level of consciousness free of discomfort and nuisance.


Look into people’s eyes and see the real being that is there.


Send warmth and love to that core and watch it radiate out of their physical


body and into their aura and higher self. Feel the love and desire that has


been overwhelmed by the pains and trials of life as we know it and feel them


vibration increase.


Call upon me to help you release anger, resentment and hate – I am always


with you and will never leave your side. In times of chaos and uncertainty


I am here to support you and guide you back onto the true path that will take


you to a level where passion is abundant and compassion and empathetic


are no longer needed as it is automatically a part of your vibration.


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Zapharel erbium ray