The Nusta Karpay are not only for those who have apprenticed in the Andean or other ancient spiritual traditions.  They are for all who have a deep connection to the preservation of our home, Mother Earth, for those who desire world peace and the awakening of unity consciousness.

The most powerful way to successfully face physical, [spiritual] and emotional problems is to undergo a sacred initiation one that guides us to die to our old self, to our rebirth, and to our illumination.  The Nusta Karpay are just such initiations.

They transform us into luminous beings. A RAINBOW BRIDGE OF PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL




The Nusta rites are energetic transmissions given into corresponding chakras.  The chakras are the organs of the luminous body which hold all our histories, our light and our shadow pieces.  Therefore, upon your initiation with the nusta rites, you begin to stir the contents of your chakras, as one stirs, bringing to the surface the parts of yourself that as yet have not been healed or honored.  You will feel the impact of the Nusta immediately, but as with the cycles of the moon and the cycles in nature, its alchemy works in cycles through you.




You will receive the seven Nusta initiations that correspond to your physical chakra system.   In addition, you will receive an eighth rite which connect you to the Pleiades dragon.  Finally, you will receive the ninth right of the Munay-Ki, the Creator Rite, which “awakens the creator-light within and brings forth a sense of stewardship for all creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies in the universe.”



Puriq Asterope I & II, direction in life

Tarpaq, Taygeta, root of spine, creatitivy

Nawy, Maya, solar plexus, how you really are


Munay, Celeano, heart chakra, love

Llanqaq, Electra, service

Illary, Merope, perception, wider wisdom, third eye

Kanchaq, Alcyone, pure light, crown chakra, Wiracocha.