The dragons are part of a nature and a truth we must learn to feel the vast diversity and complexity in a long unreachable.  The dragons exist in each dimension or vibrational frequency. Each reflects the experience and learning that suits best for a dragon. Although dragons can move vertically between several dimensions, each of which vibrates only in the dimensions which he mastered according to its degree of evolution and selection experiment.

The exceeding black dragons employ barrier energy against negativity by absorbing all the light and release it in higher vibrational planes of existence.

be ready for 18th dimension and beyond

Unique empowerments

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Los dragones son parte de la naturaleza y la verdad que debemos aprender a sentir en la gran diversidad y complejidad de una larga existencia. Existen los dragones en cada dimensión o frecuencia vibratoria. Cada uno refleja la experiencia y el aprendizaje que se adapte mejor a cada dragón. Aunque los dragones pueden moverse verticalmente entre varias dimensiones, cada uno de los cuales vibra solamente en las dimensiones que él domina de acuerdo con su grado de evolución y consciencia.


Los dragones negros emplean la energía de barrera contra la negatividad al absorber toda la luz y la liberan en los planos superiores de vibración de la existencia.


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DRAGON NEGRO rayo Chintamani 




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Rainbow Inner Fire tummo

Inner Fire Meditation requires visualization, incorporating focused attention and breathing exercises. In Tibetan Buddhism this is known as a fast and secret way to develop concentration because you utilize your breath, imagination and attention all in one practice. It also develops a sharp and clear awareness through raising the vitality and energy levels to heightened states of awareness.

Inner Fire uses what is commonly known in India as Prana, or in Japan it is known as Reiki or in China it is called Chi. These mysterious forces within us are associated with health, healing and a long life. Usually we waste our energy through stressing and dissipating this energy in the pursuit of external satisfaction but Inner Fire harnesses this energy, grows it and uses it for spiritual development with the improved health and vitality. Here rainbow prana and tummo are closer to earth energies.

The main goal for the practice is to achieve enlightenment through clearing the chakras, entering the central channel and giving rise to special bliss and clarity which very easily understands that enlightenment is already our true nature.  But even beginners have remarkable results.

Practicing inner fire connects the practitioner with the power centre of the second chakra which in yoga is associated with physical power, sexuality and creativity. It helps to focus and use nervous energy in a positive way to help build confidence and dispel confusion. Harnessing this inner power is harnessing the power to achieve all your goals and dreams and to gain the energy to reach your full potential.

The energy you are cultivating is very joyful and blissful. This brings an enthusiasm for the practice that is not found in your usual ‘just sitting meditations’ which can become very boring. This inner bliss is the cultivation of the Kundalini energy which is a mysterious inner joy unlike that of external pleasures such as sex or eating chocolate. Also you can cultivate this energy anywhere at any time; it’s also useful for when you are feeling cold or nervous as the inner bliss really does bring a real and tangible heat and confidence with it.

some of the attunements and meditations

rainbow light of tummo

new rainbow earth star, soul star

Purple diamond empowerments

third, fourth and fifth eye

new seven chakras reconnection with flower of life.

up to 15th chakra new light


This system is outstanding and always be


For serious spiritual developers.




About Lek Lai

Lek Lai – is a Mysterious Sacred substance which is the subject of Legendary Tales of Miracle Powers which has become a Cult Phenomenon in recent years. Lek Lai used to be presented in only a few forms, shapes and sizes.

Lek Lai has been used as an ingredient for mixing into amulets for centuries, as well as being used as a magical element in its own right.

Although this amazing substance is known about and exists in many different World Cultures and different countries, Lek Lai has come to be known very much as a Phenomenon coming from Thailand.

It is the authentic wisdom of the Wicha of the creation of Lek Lai Taat Gaayasit. This is pure Elemental Magic and Alchemy.


The Qualities of Lek Lai

§  It resides within the walls of caves that are cool and damp, with no bats living in there.

§  It can remain in a static form.

§  It can slither and moves like a snake.

§  It can appear from nowhere.

§  It can disappear.

§  It can stretch itself

§  It can condense itself

§  It can block any energy fields, waves or frequency channels.

§  Guns will not fire in the presence of Lek Lai.

§  It can make hot water become cold in an instant.

§  It consumes the phosphorous of bullets and gun shells.

§  It can emit a fragrant aroma.

§  It can heal illnesses or injuries if laid on the place that is affected.

§  It is Magnetic.

§  It can become lighter or heavier.

§  It can be thrown and will fly back like a boomerang

§  It is placed it under the tongue to meditate and achieve Levitation Powers.