For general interest, my workshops and attunements have an specific light frequency and empowerment.


To choose a workshop make your personal calling and intuition. for further details you can contact me. Though you can find more intellectual information and explanations in internet or other resources.


The point is, open your heart when you read THE SECTION PAGE and when you receive the manual. It is not about rational or logical sequence of ideas; it is about the energy work that is done previously to make possible to attune you. Sometimes the information seems to short, but trust in it. It has been done properly to set all the healing required. Other times, the attunements and practice determent the information and light that anyone can develop by themselves.


My workshops in general are the shortest way to achieve the soul desire result, so any word, symbol, number, mudra or mandala you read and see has a lot of energy on it for you. Finally, when you do not follow logic and the energy is as clear as it can be, you can receive these spiritual energies in the highest vibration that you are ready for.


New paths open in your life. Trust your intuition and your soul connection to validate what is right or wrong for you. Further teachings includes transcendence of spirit, you go beyond duality, beyond ascension, beyond your soul to become your own light.



Ramón Martínez Founded Master.

p.s. you can write me with any questions.


"Walk slow do not rush to the only place where you have to be, that place is in yourself"


"To understand to work and perform energy you have to start from the soul ... Why? the soul that is the energy-thoughts that have the ability or rather the power to focus and makes energy denser or lighter. It is when everything depends on the intention of the thoughts.


If you do not clean your recipient-energy-thoughts of the soul, it cannot understand the healing process and if you do not understand the thoughts recorded the cure cannot happen, therefore they continue turning in a vicious circle not knowing what happens to them or why it happens. Transcendence, healing, cleansing and purification of the soul, it begins with the insight and the desire to heal.


It's not magic or miracle, it's a hard working, deep; conscious and strong will is required. Many of you do not know where to start to heal, you have good intentions but you lack the means to do so. To these people we say that the work is individual, because each of you is a universe and as such, you should be concerned that spirituality are activated.


All that is outside of you is help and tools, spiritual and material tools, for this process and it can be properly performed. Do not expect others to come and take you in their hands, thinking that with this you will achieve salvation and transcendence. You may exchange energy-thoughts with light beings, and it will help a lot, but the work must be individual, so you have to accomplish for yourself, there is no other way to get it.


It is when you stop dreaming in magic, miracles and divine beings that come down to earth to take your problems and solve them, when things happens. Stop to see the world in pink. It is when children no longer want to be led by the hand of a father, or heavenly parents, when you become responsible. Then the angels, divine beings, fairies you believe in, they become in you, and then you know it ... you woke up and grew. And finally know the languages of love and discovering new ways to express them, this is the real illumination”.




Basic concepts of Reiki and Cosmic energy systems worshops:


First of all you should know that Reiki is a form of energy healing that works by using you as channel for cosmic energy, it means when you want to use it, energy will pass through your body to patient or your goal, to heal or manifest your goal , your talents , psychic abilities, spiritual awakening etc…


For using an energy system you have to receive an “Attunement” before everything , attunement is a subtle energy process that connects you to a source of cosmic energy and after Atunement you can channel that energy instantly by your will or use of a symbol, and usually every attunement itself is a healing and cleansing session for you that opens and cleanses your energy channels and makes energy pass easily through you.


The transcendent point of Reiki Systems is that you have access to infinite cosmic energy and you can use it anytime ,anywhere and for any purpose! so you have infinite power in your hands, although you should always remember this is not your energy but cosmic energy.