The Andromedan Pallosmian Gluons Seal $432.10$


This andromedan portal energy is something that has been inserted across the board into the planet globally. The Andromedan Pallosmian Gluons Seal it has impacted the PHYSICAL-SOUL  body primarily at diferent levels of consciousness and energy and the Nadial Structure. What that means is through the activation is if there's a problem with nadial structure, these splits are going to start to heal because the activation is going to start to heal the heart complex, so these issues within the nadial structure are also going to start to heal. Along with TURIYA ATTUNEMENT.


12 Attunements.


Some of the attunements:

1. Andromedan kundalini rainbow seal empowerment

2. Andromedan nadial calibrating shakti

3. Andromedan soul integration empowerment

4. Andromedan dimensional healing shakti

5.  Andromedan Krystal stars shaktis activation (multiple Krysta-Lines shaktis)