money reiki by stephanie brail


MONEY REIKI If you are experiencing negative energies that surround money, due to certain imbalance or underlying problem with your energy system. Money Reiki will serve to consolidate your energy system in the area of the money.  It implies the channeling of the energy to balance and align the energy of the receiver with the energy of the money. Money Reiki is for healing your relation with money, not alone in a personal scale, but for a planetary level also.  You will dissolve the stagnation and will fight to flow, to facilitate and to permit the money in your life with happiness. 


Initiation, Master level AND GRAND MASTER MONEY REIKI.$80



$$Raphael & The Angels of Money Abundance Pentagram Empowerment$$$

Founder Linda Colibert

Archangel Raphael has given this system to pass on to others who may be in financial need, or simply want to increase their income. This system helps with finding a job, increasing your income, getting unexpected cash, obtaining a loan, and career advancement. If you are working toward achieving a specific goal that moves you forward in your job or career, or if you are working to increase your flow of cash coming to you, the attunement to $$$Raphael & the Angels of Money Abundance Pentagram Empowerment$$$ will work to help you achieve this. The $$$Raphael & Angels of Money Abundance Pentagram Empowerment$$$ attunement reconnects you back to the creative source Spirit, to the Angels of Money, and Archangel Raphael to help you heal any money issues, become empowered, and to create more income in your life.

Archangel Raphael is very aware of the economy and the negative energies concerning money, abundance, and prosperity at this time in the world. And so He has asked that I get the energies out there and make them available to others as quickly as possible.

NOTE: Please note that if you purchase this attunement for resale, there is a fixed price of $21.95 on this system.



Money Mastery Reiki Series- 9 systems - 9 attunements- Infinite Money, Cosmic Money, Money Matters, Money Pathways and more by Tawan Chester

Money Mastery Reiki Series ($180 value for $150)

This series consists of 9 systems that help you truly master the subject of money.  The series encompasses the entire gamut of money so nothing is left out.  Money Matters Reiki is the prerequisite for any system is the series.


Money Matters Reiki

Money Matters Reiki is a multilevel system that assists in all matters concerning money. It also addresses your thoughts, patterns, and those things that are self-sabotaging in nature.  This system is the prerequisite for all other energy systems in the Money Mastery Series

Money Pathways Reiki

Money Pathways energy moves to create and stimulate routes in your life that money will flow on.  You can use it to create roadways for money to travel to you.


Money Forms Reiki

Money Forms energy system helps you identify and locate the many forms of money. Money and its equivalent has many different forms and values and it is important that you are able to recognize them all.


Money Moments Reiki

Money Moments energy helps you to form ideas that have the potential to produce or make money. Ideas may come in a flash of a moment and you must recognize them in order to make good use of them.


Money Webs Reiki

Money Webs energy comes to assist you in formulating plans concerning money. Some plans may or may not be intricate but they will be what is needed to accomplish your goals concerning money.


Money Movements Reiki

Money Movements energy focuses on the things that cause money to flow to you.  It also focuses on getting and increasing the circulation of money in your life.  This could be situations or opportunities involving people, places, or things.


Money Longevity Reiki

Money Longevity energy comes to help bring you the stamina, drive, and endurance to work your moneymaking plans.  Using this energy can help you continue working your plan until you reach the desired end.


Cosmic Money Reiki

Cosmic Money energy is directed at changing and expanding you knowledge concerning money.  This subtle energy works through multiple dimensions to gather and bring information to you that you are then able to use.


Infinite Money Reiki

The Infinite Money energy increases your knowledge and connection with Divine Mind concerning money.  This information can be incorporated with your efforts, plans, and dealings to bring about results that are more beneficial.

You will receive nine manuals, nine distant attunements, and a certificate of completition including lineage information.





Zhu Gong Business & Success Reiki - Business Money Income, Wealth, Riches, Business Foresight, Be a Leader, Handle People, Good Relations, Focus, More

Founder: Gabriela Yasmin Szafman

Zhu Gong was a great strategist and thinker of the early Zhou Dynasty.

Ancient Chinese believed that when something important will happen to someone, Zhou Gong will let the person know in his dream.

Zhu Gong was an outstanding statesman, thinker and strategist of the Spring and Autumn Period.

He was also a businessman that had the knack of making money.

After his resignation, he lived in seclusion with his family in Taodi, where he amassed lots of wealth though farming, livestock raising and doing business, becoming an extremely rich man.

Later, he distributed his wealth to local people.

His business operating wisdom and generosity was highly praised by the people, who worshiped him as the God of Wealth.

As a God that can bring in wealth and riches, the God of Wealth is worshiped by most Chinese.

Zhu Gong Reiki Will Help:

Receive Messages in Dreams

Enhance Business Money Income

Brings Wealth , Riches, Prosperity and Good Luck

Ability to have Business Foresight

Be a Leader

Enhance Good Relations

To Know People's Character

Know How to Handle People

To Stay Focused on the Business and in Life

To Be More Organized

To Be More Adaptable

Control Credit

Ability to use and deploy people

Be Able to Articulate and Market

Ability to Excel in Purchasing

Know How to Analyze Market Opportunities and Threats

You will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.