From conception to your current life.

In Indonesian culture, as in many others, ancestor worship is based on animistic beliefs that ancestors survive after death. Indonesians consider their ancestors worthy of reverence. And so, ancestor worship is practiced maintaining harmony between them.

Based on the ancient teachings of traditional Javanese mysticism, each person is said to be born with four spiritual brothers.

One's spiritual brothers are named Kakang Kawah, Adi Ari-Ari, Puser and Getih. Kakang (Javanese: elder brother, etheric, akasha, memory and feeding of ancestors) Kawah is the amniotic fluid; it resides in the East and its aura is white. Adi (Javanese: younger brother) is the placenta; it resides in the West and the color of its aura is yellow. Puser (Javanese: navel) is umbilical cord; It resides in the north and has a black aura. Getih (Javanese: blood) is blood; he resides in the South, and the color of his aura is red.

Deepening the meaning:


The amniotic fluid in which we exist while in the womb is not only a fluid that protects and nourishes us, but it is also a liquid of no memory; a fluid that gives us Amnesia by remembering not only our past lives but also the Beauty and magnificence of the Spirit Realm.


Some extra attunement:



Cerebrospinal cord luminosity elixir empowerment.