"People are ready to reach the light, love, wisdom to the extent that they are ready to accept it.

Just allow to BE.

Be the light.

The true and faithful expression of your being because you are unique."


"It takes time to remember who you are, your light.

It requires compassion with yourself, returning to meet you, with every part of your being and also recognizing what you are not. It takes time to understand that sometimes falls are your best teacher and that obstacles in life are part of your growth, therefore they always turn out to be learning. You do not heal overnight and not in the time that perhaps you would like, you heal when you have to heal, when you have learned what life has to teach you.

Healing takes time but it certainly also requires love and compassion for yourself."


La gente esta preparada para alcanzar la luz, el amor, la sabiduría en la medida que está lista para aceptarla.

Solo permítete SER.

La verdadera y fiel expresión de tu ser porque eres único.

Sé la luz.