The nine samadhis




Some of the nine attunements:

Dragon Nine samadhis

Dragon Nine DNA kumlung samadhis

Kumlung is believed to be the representation of the Supreme Deity Dragon, his throne is at the top and known as the "Palace of Heaven" over your head. Kumlung appears as the pillar holding up the sky and keeping it separated from the earth, placing the top of Kumlung in Heaven rather than locating it as part of the earth: Kumlung is actually in Heaven, and Kumlung functions as a sort of ladder which could be used to travel between earth and Heaven. Accordingly, any person who succeeded in climbing up to the top of Kumlung would magically become an immortal spirit.

Tantalum increases ones radiance, while preventing physical as well as mental / spiritual burnout. It helps to relieve stress, irritation and discomfort. Tantalum provides a medium / bridge between the physical and the spiritual, assisting with the energetic merging of the two. As a resonant capacitor, Tantalum can be used to store energy, to resonate with higher frequencies, or to link spiritual and physical forces.

Niobium’s superconductivity and enhanced magnetic field properties create the phenomenon of zero electrical resistance and the exclusion of the interior magnetic field. Very high states of be-ing / resonance can be maintained, with little if any energy loss. One is transported beyond the 3rd dimensional boundaries while maintaining a grounded physical connection. While in this state, one is able to work in possibility waves, fractal consciousness, and the true nature of reality.

Columbite-Tantalite ore generates a resonant light field, geometrically in proportion following the golden mean sacred geometry by size.

Metaphysical Properties: Columbite-Tantalite

Columbite can be used to activate all chakras and to provide for equilibrium between the physical and spiritual selves. Provides protection in ones environment and personal property. An excellent / powerful grounding stone, used to dispel negative energy and to cleanse an environment of negativity. Assists one in decision-making, and brings flashes of insight with respect to problem solving.

Tantalite can be used to deflect and protect against negativity. Acts to preserve one from being victimized by the energy of another. Has been used as an energy deflector and is an excellent stone for those who may be exposed to excessive amounts of radiation. Provides an increase in physical endurance and emotional equilibrium.