BLACK POWER TERMINATOR... a huge, warlike force. Magic defense, annihilation and destruction in a class of any negatives !! Behind this lies a magic power and essence of God, which is a specialist in the field of defense, annihilation and destruction. You'll be surprised how quickly you will be liberated from black magic attacks, psychological attacks of all kinds, curses, curses, occupations, satanic forces, malicious people, enemies and opponents etc.. But this power can much more ... You will set you back on your feet !!! ... spin with all their back everything has been sent to you and makes the opposition impotent ... .and without ifs and buts. And you bring back what was taken from you unjustly ...


Prerequisite: None.


Black Glossy Protector by Lavinia - Protection - Negative attacks, evil minded people, demons, black magic, curses, negative intentions, more


Founder Lavinia Szendrei

Please note: You may choose this system as your main choice in a bogo (buy one get one free) offer, but it may not be your free choice.

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

Black Glossy Protector...a powerful protection and safety.

Black Glossy Protection is a powerful and extraordinary, magical protection. The energy covers ALL your energy fields, soul, physical body and gives enormously invigorating energy, comfort, and deep, healing energies. It also protects your beliefs, faith, personal decisions. Any kind of negativity will be destroyed and negative attacks, evil minded beings, demons, black magic, curses, negative intentions will be repulsed. An infinite feeling of absolute security and certainty  will fulfill you.

Magic Cleaning Potion - the magical cleansing potion! A profound, highly concentrated, high-energy and very extraordinary magic.

Very powerful and effective - acting up in the "back corner" and "smallest unit".

Essential impact areas

Very strong, energetic cleaning on !! ALL !! Levels

Free of any blockages, sadness, sorrow, doubt, worry, anxiety, etc.

Lets radiate the aura of magic

Raises ANY negative entanglements on

Clarifies obscure situations / circumstances

Opens channels and gates very strong, highly concentrated positive energy

Locks and sealed negative channels / Gates permanently

"Breach" any kind of negativity in all respects and at all levels and destroyed / neutralized or converts it into positivity to (Depending automatically or according to their own intention.)

Manifestation of magical energies in rooms, places, jewelry !!

Prerequisite: None.

$ 210

"Sexy Red Fire Ecstasy"

... A magical ecstasy of love, sex and passion. This enormous and extraordinary, magical power puts you in pure euphoria !! Powerful love energies are released and you put in a magical ecstasy of love, sex and passion. The opposite sex is attracted to you, hypnotized and bound to you. Sexual blockages in all respects be solved, ignites self-love, your sex appeal and your charisma, powerfully strengthened. This system generates rapid success in love. Everywhere you look close is shimmering light and love!

Prerequisite: None.


Black crystal cubes... highly magical energy system.

This highly effective magic ensures energetic delimitation of any negative energies away buildup from your energy field, keeps wandering souls away and provides protection from astral attacks, negative energy of any kind, negative influences, nightmares, loss of energy, feeling unwell, mood disorders, confusion, anxiety, doubt etc.

Preserves addition and promotes it your divinity and thus also serves the perssönlichen, spiritual development.

Prerequisite: None.


BLOODY CHAMPAGNE.. highly magical energy system.

Bloody Champagne Elixir is a luxurious, elegant and very powerful magical energy that brings into your life with tremendous attraction, financial wealth, business success, luxury and carelessness. It destroys effectively and instantly all that stands between you and your financial and business success, and equips you out with great power, superiority and influence others. Sealed existing (or newly acquired) financial and business success, protecting those in all respects, especially against losses and defended against with a vengeance, black magic, enemies, envious, negative intentions and energies of any kind. !!

Get your financial and business success hereby back or reach him!


Prerequisite: None.