White sacred flame diamond

All- One is turned on you - back to the Divine Unity - a perfect and

omega - transfers maximum frequency of love, healing and grace - open the portal

grace on thee - be a diamond in the Eye of God - the way to go diamond - is activated

Diamond light) - the Diamond Light is generated -

lighted the presence of God - the presence of the Universal White Brotherhood - the

consciousness of Christ and enlightened - the transcendence of ego consciousness -

lightness around you and encourages you - independence, dismissal and release of all

schedules, conditions, bonds and networks - get rid of the old system

values and "rise " to the consciousness of unconditional love all-encompassing

You walk into the energy of the Sacred Flame Diamond All-One and are on a high

purity - feel the divine presence of the All-One - the magnificence and the Divine Presence around you

are you. You are One with all -you -be. Opens in you website to the grace of God, to love all


This the diamond eye of divine flame that burns any obstacle to illumination diamond.

Violet diamond senseI


experience the joy of old perpetual divine transformation and renewal of the universe, when structures

are released and for all come flowing divine solutions.

This power ... Shiva- Shakti completely release them to you all old structures, systems and

programming stalled because it is continuously flowing , is in constant motion and there divine the

constant renewal through the power of eternal life eternal from the original source .

Diamond love

Powerful key of the Original Goddess and gods- the Goddess and gods awakens in you - the Divine Feminine and masculine

awakens in you - the purest energy Goddesses and gods of the Original - the original pure love

- The living key to the alchemical wedding - Sacred Fusion - connection to partner

dual soul on the spiritual level - significance of the contrasts of Yin / Yang - being and

radiate unconditional love - unconditional forgiveness - Harmony Divine in all

levels - pure conception of the Divine - magnetically attract the Divine – electrically delivered

purer and inner opening of the temple of the heart

You enter the temple of the heart of the Original Goddesses and gods. The diamond heart is a key

living goddesses and gods to his original love and light power. His power of love is overwhelming

and can magnetically attract all the Divine and through the sacred union, the alchemical wedding,

new creations are made. This energy of diamond helps men and women alike.



is like a diamond: pure surrender to the Divine. Then open a

portal of happiness, and grace is poured and you become a light bearer of

grace of the new generation. What is bigger, cute, bright, noble, to be a carrier of

grace for this humanity to the threshold of new era of

Great joy among you, even as we also celebrate this day .

Today many lighting brothers open their hearts with deep request: "show yourself to God

us. Show off your grace. Introduce us. "Yes, the revelation of God is in you

and around you. This land will again to be high in vibration. - A new octave of

all parts of the cosmos, the universe Light radiates through many, many channels


diamond pyramid of manifestation

A bright diamond pyramid stands in all areas - the divine flame "I am" is

turns on you - the connection to the all-seeing eye of God and the Lords is set

Beacons of Original Creation - activate master consciousness - all projects and

visions that rise from the depths of you are invaded and enriched by the Light

God 's original creation - with the concentration of light acceleration occurs

manifestation - energy helps you to recognize and transform desires of the ego. You will be enveloped by the diamond vibration of omnipotence and universal love of God for the

shining force. In harmony with this all- you- is your projects, plans and

visions are encouraged and enriched with the supreme light energy. You learn to be creative

light of your life and the responsibilities go, enter the master frequency.


diamond fractal dharma

The diamond fractal portal to the future of humanity. the

Diamond calls in you awakens and ignites your Divine talents and abilities,

Divine Science , Divine Heritage that still rests in the soul. Being in tune with

the original laws of creation of the universe, the Divine Science geometry

sacred, with original sounds and colors of the universe . In connection with Sirius, with

Light and stellar siblings of the high light of the universe routes. in connection

with high flowering time of civilizations. Pure Intuition and Divine Inspiration. in

contact the original wisdom of the universe. Activation of The diamond light body is generated . Integration of your bright aspects.. The sacred flame diamond descends in you and awakens

Divine talents and abilities that rest in your soul, in this way begin to bloom. To

open your inner Divinity to start to follow your true Divine life plan. Divine and Sciences,

universal wisdoms may be irradiated through you. Your Divine Heritage and the original treasure of your soul and light dimensions

high luminous planets manifests on earth, and awaken your light aspects.

Golden diamond

the purest flow of Divine Grace -

energy release of karma and karmic experiences with structures to

death - release of karmic energy matrix - you - building the array golden light in you - be a carrier

light of grace to all creation - activate the sacred flame of golden

resurrection , liberation and happiness in you - be the purest Divine Diamond - is generated

the Diamond Light

the enlightened master and invades your whole aura and your field of consciousness and

energy matrix with its golden light and golden light vehicle. Enables

diamond power of grace and deliverance, the golden flame of happiness in you. You become

the light carrier grace of the New Generation for this creation.

This golden diamond boost all the other diamonds


Diamond temple


  transmits maximum light, healing frequency and

grace to the cellular level - the frequency of light activates Goddesses and gods in you

love, compassion , beauty, shining force , harmony , new creation, new

birth and grace - all that is about to die , without hope , born again - the

power of love produce in you the new creation and the new birth - the

Goddess and gods awakens in you - Divine Harmony to the cellular level

You walk into the energy of sacred flame diamond and in the temple of the Goddess and gods - you are surrounded by a

council of the Goddesses and gods and feel the Divine Presence in the flame diamond - the energy awakens in you - the consciousness of your cells are activated in light frequencies increasingly

high - Divine Harmony is transferred to your consciousness to the cellular level .






Diamond Palladium dragon sensei™

Soul Energies

The true way in which it works is to catalyze by transforming the aetheric pattern of a substance. A new pattern of interaction is created which allows the Palladium to merge briefly on an aetheric level with other substances. In utilizing this, great transformation can take place at the aetheric level in an individual. The ability of the aetheric body to transform energy created from meditative work, visualization, mental energy, etc. into physical healing is significantly aided by diamond palladium. When used over time, Palladium can exert a profound effect on one’s ability to utilize the soul energies. These are energies that often relate to your soul group (the beings you are united with vibrationally).

can transfer energy from the etheric to the physical body. It will clean, recharge and

fill with positive energy, all of the voids or holes in the aura and the auric field.

all pain may be

removed within minutes.

may also be used from the crown to the root chakra by visualizing  a spinning, moving clockwiseenergy fieldto balance the left and right brain. This facilitates an ability to

access into your artistic side more freely.

This also balances the male/female energy of the body. It assists in the removal of any energyblockages within the body. You can do this daily and will notice a large difference in how yourbody feels. You will feel more energy and a push pull energy flow as the blockages are removed. Itsets up an electromagnetic field which enhances the energy or the electrical structure of the body.

This will bring much more clarity andallow one to access a higher percentage of brain function.


practitioner level



White sacred flame diamond

Violet diamond sensei

Diamond love


diamond pyramid of manifestation

diamond fractal dharma

Golden diamond

Diamond temple



$100 EACH