Mborayhu Ñandejara

God's Love

The original Guarani healing system

The Guarani are a people of marked transcendence in the history of indigenous America. They fought with courage to the Spanish. Then, under evangelization, they animated the Jesuit missions in Paraguay and northern Argentina. In his mythology, a deep affirmation of the divine origin of language stands out.


the Guaraní culture - which covers a vast region of South America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, French Guyana, Peru and Paraguay; and that it had no less than 71 tribes related to the large native family called Tupí-Guaraní (or Guaraní-Tupí) -, we find ourselves, in pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial times, with which it was in the productive phase it was typical of a "primitive" agricultural economy and that sustained a very consistent religious ideology, shared practically in toto by the different tribes, even in spite of the local variants in details of "mythology" and ritual practices.

In present time a huge community of 17 different guarani tribes lives in Paraguay. They are very jelous about its spiritual knowledge. It means they do not want to have steal their spiritual inheritage again by western man or other opportunists. The present document is to remark guarani shamanism and open it to the sincere seeker of spiritual truth and healing. So, honor and respect this people and yourself. Amadeus or other similar systems are full of love and light. But they lack of the essence of guarani people that I try to transmit here.